The most popular (and proven accurate) one is the Brzycki formula from Matt Brzycki: Say you can lift 10 kg for 30 reps – with Brzycki’s formula your 1RM . #1 equipos de corte por arco de plasma on 19 October Brzycki: 1RM = W x (36 / (37 – R)); Wathan: 1RM = ( x W) / ( + ( x e- x R)); Lander: 1RM = ( x W) / ( – x R). Some other common formulas for calculating Maximum Load (1RM). Brzycki’s equation (). 1RM = Weight ÷ ( – ( × number of repetitions)).

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Anything that the researchers believe can be useful for the final 1RM formula is tested. For planning purposes, know bryzcki your result will normally fall within 5 kg, more or less, of your true 1RM 3 4.

There are many different formulas to estimate your 1RM, all with slightly different calculations. This test should be performed with a spotter for reasons of brzyckii. Estimation’s all well and good but what if you want to know what your True 1RM is? One interesting variable for 1RM prediction is the speed of the bar.

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Maximum Load (1RM)

Then they apply regression analysis to the gathered numbers. One repetition maximum can be used to determine the maximum strength of a person and is the method to determine the winner in sports events like powerlifting. By tweaking the strength of these relations, a formula is born.

One-repetition maximum one rep maximum or 1RM in weight training is the maximum amount of weight that a person can possibly lift for one repetition.


Unfortunately it’ll be tricky to measure the bar speed yourself when lifting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By understanding the maximal potential of the muscle, it is possible to reach resistance overload by increasing the number of repetitions for an exercise. Don’t worry about burning out on the way, you’ll actually be able to lift more this way.

In some more advanced studies 5 they also measure biometric values, like arm length for bench press, body fat, chest circumference, etc.

Obviously this will tax your body harder than regular training, so recovery will be longer. Just rest plenty in between lifts once it’s getting heavy. Don’t jump straight to your 1RM attempt but build up to it gradually. Popular formulas There are many more than one way to calculate your 1RM. Home Coaching Books Courses.

Epley Formula (1 rep max)

Making a formula To create these formulas, researchers gather up a bunch of participants, measure some variables, and then crunches numbers to arrive at a formula. It kind of feels that you’re doing any distinctive trick.

Aside from having a handy answer to the inevitable “so, how much do you bench? Personally I haven’t tested at all for eight months now, as of this writing.

The most popular and brzhcki accurate 1 one is the Brzycki formula from Matt Brzycki:. Not finding what you’re looking for? You can continue lifting your five reps, if that’s your program, while still getting an idea of where your max strength is at. The confidence of this number, however, is so weak it’s not even worth doing the calculation. The most accurate way to know your 1RM is to actually get under a barbell and test it.

Instead you can use this calculator I’ve tormule together to estimate your 1RM: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you have an idea for a calculator that would be helpful to you, let us know.


This version of the one rep maximum calculation is often referred to as the Brzycki Formula after its creator, Matt Brzycki, [5] and can be written either in terms of integers or as a decimal approximation:.

Also, most one rep maximum calculators are designed for seasoned strength trainers, and those with little experience may find their actual one rep maximum is much lower because their nervous system cannot handle the stress of a high weight. Once they have a d, the researchers can then be test it flrmule the same group of people or, in dee case of one study 6another group, to check how accurate the formula is.

It is not to be confused with RM1. These types of calculations may not always produce accurate results, but can be used as starting points.

More actions Print preview View Source. Mark Rippetoe says in his book Starting Strength to use your eyes to gauge when the bar slows down, as brzyvki means you’re starting to get to a heavy weight closer to your 1RM. Finally, know the movement’s rules. It may also be considered as the maximum amount of force that can be generated in one maximal contraction. The formula estimates how much the weight lifter could have lifted one time RM based on the maximum number of reps r of a lesser weight w.