I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. After reading Frederica I thanked my lucky stars that Georgette Heyer was such a prolific writer and that she lived a long life. She wrote over The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of . If you read no other novel by Georgette Heyer, it should probably be this one.

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Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Additional hryer adventures courtesy of the noble if occasionally ill-behaved Baluchistan hound. Her Cousin Alverstoke is baffled by her, she’s nothing like the scheming females he is used to.

And it will be such a nice treat for you!! Whether I radiate those things like I wish to those around me, I don’t know!

At 24, she considers herself too old I’m going to use my two favorite words to describe this novel: Alverstoke likes the youngest of his sisters, Lady Elizabeth Kentmere Elizawho lives in the country with her beloved family. Sounds lovely and fun. Charis’s beauty will outshine his nieces’ and that will give his bossy and insistent sisters absolute fits.

The Grand Sophy will always be my favorite Heyer novel, but Frederica will always come delightfully close to usurping it. And again, even though many of the characters and situations are familiar from other GHs, each also has unique features. He’s completely loveable when he talks to the boys, super in control when he deals with Charis, and just completely heart-melting whenever he talks to Frederica. It was not at all the sort of smile with which his lordship beguiled his flirts, but something warmer and more intimate.

Frederica who is, as previously noted, competent, awesome, flawed in that occasionally she is SO FED UP with being a middle aged spinster aunt at Frederica and Alverstoke have flirty conversations and are interrupted by In other words, the more I relate to Frederica, the more I love Alverstoke.


But georgetfe time, I have to say that it is not the Hero and Heroine that make this book so fun, it’s Felix, Frederica’s youngest brother. And no, I can’t believe I just wrote that either.

So hip-hip-hooray for Georgette Heyer and a delightful story that took me by surprise Blythe Smith Review Date: Nov 10, Lizzy rated it liked it Shelves: G Rating a few swears and nothing else. Highclere Castle Floor Plan: Like a woman needs. Frederica is the story of the Marquis of Ffederica, a confirmed bachelor, and Frederica Merriville, the bold but uncalculating woman who wins his heart. But what was once a perfectly tame and boring life turns rather unexpected and topsy-turvy as Lord Alverstoke finds himself drawn more heye more into the Merriville family.

Frederica, by Georgette Heyer – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Sep 06, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: Both characters are likable and good-hearted, but they clearly have their faults, too. At the end, Alverstoke hsyer Frederica are perfectly in love and the world is good again. I’m afraid I’m going to gush all over this review, but I’ll do my best to keep this coherent.

I am so glad I came across this blog.

I swear if Felix actually spoke in the near-lisping Little Lord Fauntleroy accents used here, he’d have been shoved under the wheels of a carriage long ago. I was bored by the plot before it had gotten off the ground. But, whatever, it was still wonderful.

When Frederica Merriville brings her three younger siblings to London determined to secure a brilliant m Rich and handsome, darling of the ton, the hope of ambitious mothers and despair of his sisters, the Marquis of Alverstoke at seven-and-thirty sees no reason to put himself bj for anyone.

While some critics thought her novels were too detailed, others considered the level of detail to be Heyer’s greatest asset. Fredrica a wealthy bachelor is not only a blessing, it can be a curse. Frederica might not be as beautiful as Charis, but she possesses such style and class that Lady Jersey promptly grants the two girls vouchers for that most exclusive of clubs: Alverstoke’s interactions with the whole family are just priceless.


While attempting to keep them out of trouble, he finds himself in trouble: If that isn’t an attribute worth having in a spouse, I don’t know what is.

Well, I have one more thing to note. Not exactly standard fare for a romance novel. Happy to reconnect you with an old friend Diane. So perhaps it is a romance, for you, the reader that is, to fall in love with these warm and realistic characters.

Desert Isle Keeper

But then another distant relation applies for his aid. Sophy is unattainable; Frederica is not. Lord Alverstoke dislikes being bored immensely, and as he is titled, rich, and handsome, it is very easy for him to avoid those things that bore him most, including family, favors, and caring. Books by Georgette Heyer. I appreciated the adventures that all the minor characters got, and the great big slice of London that we got- Heyer showing off her historical research in a wonderful way.

A mature romance, Frederica follows the trials and tribulations of the slightly older mid twenties, oh no, over the hill!

I even like Charis, much as she’d drive me nuts if she were my heyee. Basically all the Heyer fans who have read it! Determined to usher her stunningly beautiful younger sister into London society with a glorious season, her plans look to fall short when she discovers her “fashionable London aunt” really lives in a poorer part of town, and doesn’t know anyone of real consequence.