This is a reprint of the English Translation of the Nyaya Sutras of Gautama by Mm . Dr. Ganganatha Jha, the versatile Sanskrit scholar who will ever be. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: Gautama’s Nyāya-Sūtra. Posted on 10 December The Nyāya-Sūtra inaugurates a tradition of logical and. Nyaya: Gautama’s Nyaya-sutra, with Vatsyayana’s commentary (Indian philosophy in its sources) [Gautama (Authority on Nyayasastra)] on *FREE*.

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Mahamahopadhyaya Ganganatha Jha Hardcover Edition: It is, however, legitimate to suppose that sound is produced by the concussion, and that one sound produces another sound and so on until the last sound is heard at a great distance. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It is well-known how ofAhalya. dutra

There is no intervening distance which the fruit can traverse at the so-called present time. There is, according to the objector, no inaptness in the analogy as the modification of a letter does not relinquish the general notion of letters. Probability is inference because it is the cognizance of apart from knowledge of a whole with which it is inseparably connected.

Nyāya Sūtras – Wikipedia

An instance of discussion is given below: The irregularity though settled in itself does not lose its own character un til the objects which cause it are removed. Every one of these manuscripts was found to be quite correct, specially the first two, which proved of incalculable help in fixing the text of the Bhasya in several places.

But in the case of investigation, doubt must precede gautwma. Is the soul eternal or non-eternal? Starting around 11th- to 12th century CE, Udayana wrote a primary work, that built upon and expanded the theories on reason found in Nyayasutras. Moreover we perceive non-existence as a mark antecedent to the production of a thing. KapihVs Philosophy is believed to have come down by oral traditions and was not perhaps committed to writiug in his life-time.


Now the knowledge of simi- larity between the tallness of a man and that of a post presupposes a knowledge of the man and the post, of which the two kinds of tallness are attributes. We cannot therefore say that the ray of the eye is not perceived on account of its having been overpowered by an external light. Again, the letters cannot be modified if you say that they are impermanent because there is no time for’ i of dadhi to gautwma modified into y when q, of atra follows.

But this is not so, for perception is admitted of at least that portion which it actually illumines.

But even the objector does not feel the necessity of enumerating these among the causes hyaya perception. For instance, a thing which is screened from us by a wall is not perceived by our eyes. There must be ray in the eye of man as we see it in the nyata of animals that move about in the night.

Thus there is knowledge rather than doubt about the man ami post suggested by the tall object. Of two opposite things the non-existence of one establishes the existence of the other, eq.

Some say that non-existence is not a means of right knowledge because there is no object which is known by it. Opponent — If sound is non-eternal because as a product it is dis- similar to ether, why it is not eternal because as an object of auditory perception it is dissimilar to a pot? It is the eye that, according to the objectors, apprehends colour, and there is no necessity for assuming a soul distinct from the eye for the purpose of explaining the apprehen- sion of colour. Write a product review.

Rhetoric alafikaraVedanta, etc. The spell counteracts poison, etc. Re-inculcation may consist of 1 the repetition of an injunction, or 2 the rep3tition of tint which his been enjoined.

In the present aphorism it is argued by an objector that we should be incapable of committing sins even on the supposition of the soul being distinct from our body, for such a soul is eternal and cannot be killed. The Nyayasutras state that one must study the means of correct knowledge and hold discussions with the learned, sincere and unenvious fellow seekers of knowledge state sutras 4. These are distinguished by the senses in whose spheres they lie or by the objects which they illumine.


Bodily actions which are bad gautams It always follows perception, states the text, and is a universal relation or essential principle.

Ynaya a thing is modi- fied it assumes another nature, abandoning its own. In some instances, however, your objection may refer to more points than one. Indian Philosophy Vol 4 Editor: The present aphorism dismisses the objection by stating that there is certainly a common non- distinctive knowledge about a man and a post suggested by the tall object, but there is no precise distinctive knowledge about them.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Tallness is certainly a property possessed in common by man and post, but the tallness of a man is not identical with that of a post: The objection raised in this aphorism is as follows: A blue pot is distinguished by the blueness which is its mark.

The sounds are not audible in the interval between the preceptor giving them and the pupil receiving ‘ them. From the absence of magnitude and obvlpjja colour the ray of the eye-ball is not perceived.

The Nyaya-Sutras Of Gautama: With The Bhasya Of Vatsyayana And The Vartika Of Uddyotakara

Presumption is explained as the knowledge of a thing derived through the consideration of it from the opposite standpoint. Purpose refers to the thing which one endeavours to attain or avoid.

Sutfa is the site of gesture inasmuch as it strives to reach what is desirable and io avoid what is hateful.