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I hate David’s father. What will happen when he meets Katlyn, a stunning submissive who is his intellectual equal, emotional savior, and so much more than a plaything?

I don’t want to give anthing away, so I will just end with saying that if you think you can handle hotter scenes and yes, with lots of romance too! This is not a book that I will forget long after reading it.

Aug 03, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: This book contains very adult situations and is not suitable reading for those under the age of eighteen. This is everything that I look for in a book: Oct 16, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish I could give more stars, but I just didn’t really enjoy this book for a few reasons.

David is so brainwashed and afraid of disappointing his father that he succumbs to his will and desires. This was a big fail because the characters simply didn’t act in any sort of believable, emotionally valid way to the situations the author put them in. He chose the harder path in his life, wanted to make a difference and be a good person. It was everything I had ever wanted, and it scared the fuck out of me.

David realizes the minute he meets Kat that she is more then just a piece of meat to have his way with and immediately becomes fascinated with her. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper, and we are inquiring into the very depths of violence. This is one of the most romantic love story.


That was very simply personal preference and had nothing to do with the quality of writing that Ms. This quote in the book describes it in the best way: Yuck, yuck, and yuck! View all 8 comments.

Smashwords – Generational Sins – A book by Samantha Blair – page 1

The events in this book left me feeling shaken and uncomfortable. There were a few scenes within the book involving David’s father that made my stomach roll with nausea. It started with a BANG! I never really bought David as a Dom.

Kat finds him there and they talk and he takes her up to generayional family cabin where they talk about his views on women. David has the appearance of a man in control. In the end, this book is worth more than the 99 cents it’s price at on Amazon.

I really appreciated fres. I also found the time lines hard to follow and got a bit lost at times. Kat and David’s relationship damantha depicted in such a way that you would be sure to feel immense respect and understanding blqir them. A simple number to add to his roster every weekend, until he meets Katlyn. This is a stellar work of erotica, only available as an e-book at this stage anyway – Blair has the first two chapters up on her website for you to read before purchasing.

You feel for all the characters and what they went thru.

Taking hikes and wilderness survival classes are among their typical bonding activities. The spankings and submission is truly what Kat needed.

Generational Sins 1 Samantha Blair

This story was nothing like I was expecting. In all the books I have read, Kat is the first submissive to actually be the strongest person in the book.

Strength to overcome the abuse. I’m not sure why either. All through the first few lines, pages and chapters, I had the feeling that this would be a great book. Kat, for example, is a strong, intelligent woman and I loved the way she was written, so refreshing from the Maya Banks heroines, for instance, who are more reminiscent of Christine Feehan’s petite and gentle creations who understands her own sexuality and her own needs and doesn’t waste a moment feeling guilt or shame about them.

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He’s at a nightclub when he sees someone who reminds him of Kat and when he goes and puts his hands on her hips he instantly recognizes that it is the real Kat. Oct 28, Russo rated it it was ok. Also, I like my men to be strong Alphas. BDSM is not my normally preferred genre.

Book: Generational Sins read online free. Samantha Blair – Author

It was abused on so many levels for 30 years! The person you do not have to hide anything from.

generatlonal He is gorgeous, goal oriented and wreaks sophistication. Maybe not the usual set up, but I felt every emotions. I guess I was expecting more standard erotica, but there was a lot to it.

I laughed cause I couldn’t believe I just read that even though there’s nothing funny about it. I loved her with ever fiber of my being, but I would always be a danger to her. In Genwrational Sins, Samantha Blair tells the happy and tumultuous side of loving David – a young man who is broken by the sins of hi I wanted this more than anything I had ever wanted, and I was positive that I was going to screw it up.