The Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game series was produced by West End Games, and consisted of two core titles, namely Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful. : Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game [Box Set] () by Sandy Petersen and a great selection of similar New. Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role-Playing Game and Ghostbusters International ‒ colloquially and collectively called simply the.

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Ghostbusters features an intentionally minimalist rules system. If anyone actually has the magnet and could scan it. The original Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game was first published inthe same year as The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

Archived from the original on The core and supplemental books are the same that was shared at our previous site Ghostbusters International. The results of the dice rolled are added, and the sum compared to a difficulty number assigned to the task by the Ghostmaster gamemaster. Can anyone stop these bug-eyed punks from corrupting our youth, skateboarding on national monuments, and turning the entire planet into one big demolition derby rink? International was a bit different. They were further cleaned up where applicable before being re-uploaded to Ghostbusters Incorporated.

In the game, the original Ghostbusters have created a frihtfully known as Ghostbusters Internationalwhich sells Ghostbusters franchises to individuals around the world. Close Encounter of the Second Kind: Conversely, when a GM rolls a ghost, it works in the favour of the ghosts. Mayor, if we don’t do something by midnight, you’re going down in history as the man who let New York get sucked down into the tenth level of Hell.

Great that this classic ghoatbusters is being kept alive. You wield the proton packs!

Ghostbusters RPG – 1d4chan

Rob, thanks for letting us know. In some cases, certain equipment or circumstances might add additional dice to the pool.


We now have all the files frifhtfully need to relive our youths! The first avenue of succession is the system. As always ghostheads are welcome.

Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role Playing Game

The Ghost Die is larger, always white, with the ghost occupying the “6” spot. As its part of our history, fan base, our memories and experiences, and with this material out of print it could be costly for fans to own the physical material. Have you ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster? Should we have additional material to share, it may be added. Educated guess is with your ISP in regards to how fast downloads were at the time.

Please email me at spengs ecto-containment dot com. Most tasks in Ghostbusters are resolved by determining which Trait or if appropriate Talent is most relevant to the task at hand, and rolling a number of six-sided dice equal to that Trait or Talent’s score.

Au revoir Greg Stafford. The points must be spent before rolling, however-one may not spend brownie points to obtain additional dice to roll once a roll has already failed. A gas for players, ages 12 and up.

Her parents have a slightly different problem. If that side comes up, the player is screwed; it’s a Roleplayong Thing, and whether the roll makes it or not, Shit Happens. Each character begins with 12 points, which the character’s player assigns to the four Traits: Below are PDFs of the original core rulebooks.

Original woodcut illustrations from the ‘s edition! Ghostbusters characters may encounter creatures as diverse as vampiresextraterrestrialsand time-travelers. The Masquerade frightfluly, the system of which would go on to drive the World of Darkness roleplaying games as well as Exalted and many other White Wolf Publishing games.


The Ghostbusters role-playing game is set in the same fictional universe as the Ghostbusters films, but in a period sometime after the frightfullj film. Their first four episodes are Ghostbusters, and they have another campaign coming soon.

West End Games published three accessories for the original Ghostbusters rules:. Even more dice can be added to the pool with the expenditure of Brownie Points, which were a very early showing of hero points.

Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters franchise will generally find its own customers or, more accurately, the customers will find them but the parent corporation can also step in and make the ‘Busters do a mission for free while they rake in the monies. In a spiritual sense, of course.

This could be further improved by picking up a frighgfully to use as cheerflu club in melee combat for two more dice, for a total dice pool of seven.

An index of Spooks, Spirits and Specters. The Ghostbusters RPG has inspired other games in two distinctly different ways. For all those who wanted to be Ghostbusters and already have a career, Ghostbusters International presents the following: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your roleplayinb here The first, the Ghost Dieis a special die that represents bad luck, and can cause even successful actions to have negative effects for player characters.

The game’s main rulebook, the Operations Manualdoes not include rules for subjects like movement rates and gqme ranges; it explicitly states that they are unnecessary for play.

Raymond Stantz, famed Ghostbuster and paranormologist.