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Zalvaisko 35 – Upper Reka in Macedonian: Gostivari, Dibra dhe Gieometria. Nga ky moment ato quhen voe dilli. The Gjeomettia documents and memories of its leaders are a precious source of information about the history of the Albanian National Liberation Movement, in which Rekan Albanians had given also given their contribution.

We cannot nowadays see people from the political, economic, educational, scientific and cultural life declaring themselves as Albanians; on the contrary, they appear as representatives of the Macedonian entity. Bageri is an author of several literary works that served as basic texts for the Albanian schools of the time and as such they influenced the prominence of the Albanian national awareness both inside and outside the country.

In time, the Orthodox Albanians of Reka and those of the Republic of Macedonia underwent a total assimilation by the Slavs whereupon they lost everything that can be considered as national feature, language, culture, surnames, etc. Association of International Educators is a member organization. Orthodox Albanians, power, assimilation, native language, identity.

The situation has to be analyzed as a micro cosmos, or as a concentrated example of the vertical historical dimension and the horizontal geographical expansion of the relations between religion and nation.

II, Sofija,f. Nivica La Poetique de l’Espace. Through adequate antitheses, great ideals, prompt reactions, as well as his personal ambitions and aspirations for the future, in his beautiful lyrical verses, as a real illuminist, calls for knowledge since now is the time.

Gjeometri deskriptive

After years of 90’s of the previous century, with the possibility of the establishment of private enterprises, some residents of Upper Reka established private enterprises. The naturally rich regions are quite often neglected — sometimes deliberately by not investing neither in production capacities, nor infrastructure, education, etc.


Among other things, the author emphasizes the raise of national awareness and the education of broad masses in Albanian language. Shih, Veliu, Ibid, f. This movement of its, has not been expressed that much in its formal way, but rather in its functional way. The analyses cannot be done only from the historic viewpoint, but from the platform of modern assessments, since both vary from one another.

This is because the social and political formations of the Empire of Zog that had been active at that time were about to collapse. We can freely say that in the texts published within this magazine, the patriotic spirit and the engagement of many wits of the time could be noticed, in a very sensitive environment as was Sofia gjeometri that time. Kral nga vitistatistika e konsullit rus A.

The paper analyzes two separate issues: These documents also show that the Albanian language played an important role in services and official communication. Gjuhe Angleze More information. Merki, antropomorfnost i modularni proporcii kaj starata makedonska kukja.

Eugene Charles Catalan – Wikipedia

This defactorization created the path for the assimilation of this region as well its cultural, social and political degeneration. Economists and policy- makers have deskriptivr again to pay special attention to the alternative tourism, and this time not only verbally but with concrete plans and projects. In his prose and poems, he talks about the harsh reality in which the Albanian from Reka lives.

We will attempt to verify the thesis in this paper that the clothing element in Upper Reka with two wrappers is analogue to the clothing elements of other Balkan nations. Byzantium had expanded its power over these lands thanks to the religious determination of its inhabitants. Curriculum Vitae Aida Dama Ph.

The same thing is reality even nowadays.

Musa, Ramiz

This dialect is very different from the other ones around in terms of both the inventory of vowel phonemes and the changes they undergo while used in certain phonetic positions. In some regions, it was worn in a parallel way. Islam is one of the three great world religions which has been present in the Albanian inhabited areas for centuries since the 14th centuryby brewing thus a great portion of the Albanian identity, being a constitutive element of the Albanian culture, from food through clothes, ethics, language to communication and economy.


The information on Albanians for this period has been gathered from different resources: Balkan wars are turning since the dimidiation of Albanian geography. Cartes etnographiques des vilayets Salonique, Monastir et Cossovo, T.

He ensured a distinctive place in the Albanian literature with his works. Belonging dskriptive astral cults in the Illyrian territory, they referred to the continuation of the existence of the soul among the stars, and, as a consequence, the belief in the Hereafter.

Second, he undertook activities for preserving and developing their religious-national being. The temporary government of Debar, gjrometria carrying out some observations, decided to send new reinforcements to the Albanian rebels above Mavrovo, on 29 September, from the Ohrid — Struga gjeojetria units, since the Serb forces were gradually strengthening dfskriptive positions in the Gostivar — Debar line.

His progressive opinions and ideas are the focus of the impressive lyrical poetry. Ai midis tjerash thekson se: The data that will be provided are supported by archival documents, scientific literature and the current press of the time. Studiuesja Edibe Osmani sqaron: Erebara, the Skopje club and the other patriots. Grakaj 25 14 It is known from the literature that even the Albanians from Greece, in More and Corinth have kept this type of clothing.

Shpirti i Sarajit, Saraj,