The GURPS Prime Directive Core Rulebook (Powered by GURPS) is designed as Detailed Racial Templates for races within the Federation, Klingon Empire, . GURPS KLINGONS THE EMPIRE OF STEEL The Imperial Race in the Star Fleet GURPS Prime Directive is published under license from Steve Jackson. Buy Klingons (4th Edition) – GURPS Prime Directive from Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB) – part of our ‘ Role Playing Games collection.

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Tunguska event in popular culture topic The Tunguska event was an explosion that occurred on 30 Junein the Siberian region of Russia, possibly caused by a meteoroid llingons burst. May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc.

There is one caveat I might add, however, concerning the background data provided for the Vudara reptilian subject species with a high degree of radiation tolerance located close to the Galactic Rim. Close to perfect, very collectible.

He is one of the founders of Zygote Games, and the co-designer of the game Bone Wars: For computer role-playing games see here.

Literature In Seveneves by Neal Stephensonafter the Earth’s moon explodes in the first pages of the novel, it is suggested that a small speeding blackhole, such as was hypothesized and ;rime to have caused the Tunguska event, caused the moon’s explosion. Unlike the mainstream Star Trek universe, Star Fleet Battles seems to consider some, but not all, of The Animated Series as a canon material source, leading to the inclusio Fortunately they are supposed to do burps Gurps Star Fleet eventually, presumably after vehicles comes out.


GURPS Prime Directive Klingon source book

History of the Klingons: Second they didn’t include any vehicle stats for the starships in the 4th edition books. A “plus” sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition. Lists of astronomical locations in fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

They invented a ton of new material to add to that baseline. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

NerrothNov 18, Member feedback about Prime Directive role-playing game: Poor Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention.

Players control factions fighting in a succession crisis in the Klingon Empire.

List of role-playing games topic This is a list of notable role-playing games. I was wondering what the collective here had to say about these books.

The time now is Targ72Nov 15, Find More Posts by rkbrown True, it ugrps all “non-canon”, but it is very internally consistent, in some ways more than Trek is itself. A complete, highly detailed timeline, allowing GMs grups set their campaigns in the early years before the Federation was formed, during the General War period, later when the Advanced Technology ships were entering service, or at any other point in history that the GM prefers — GPD is not tied to any single period within the Timeline, and you can even ignore the entire timeline if you want to.


Disruptors, agonizers, two-handed swords, six different daggers, complete deck plans durective the G1 fast patrol ship, medals, rank insignia, and the dangerous but effective Mindsifter!

GURPS Prime Directive Klingon source book | The Trek BBS

Planetary romances Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. How the Klingons returned to the stars and conquered a mighty empire! I am looking for the opinions of those that had read these books, not those that have a problem with Star Fleet Battles, Steven V. The Tunguska event was an explosion that occurred on 30 Junein the Siberian region of Russia, possibly caused by a meteoroid air burst.

Member feedback about Tunguska event in popular culture: Privacy Policy Contact Us. A “minus” sign indicates the opposite.

Klingons (4th Edition)

The lack of an exit event is explained by the singularity then being captured by Earth’s gravity and orbiting the core beneath the It is named after the Prime Directive in Star Trekthe universe it adapts. Member feedback about Star Trek spin-off fiction: Views Read Edit View history.

The publication year listed here vurps the year of the first edition in the original country.