After a little bit of research this is the way that i ended up wiring my 06 rubber mount Harley Davidson sportster It is a little bit tricky though. Shovelheads Manuals and Diagrams, Sportsters Manuals and Diagrams. Belt Drive Rocker Arm and Pushrod Assembly ยท Wiring Diagram XLCH () . Harley Davidison Wiring Diagrams. Various Models from to Sportster H red wires standard wiring wire. Toil lamp–Red and green wires. 5.

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My buddy says it is a rare bike Pictures taken sportsyer the harness assembly. Bob and Mark teach you how to properly service important parts on your bike, including draining and replenishing the fluids, adjusting the clutch and the primary chain, inspecting the clutch cable and servicing the kickstand. The connectors used to connect both harnesses image below were in my miscellaneous box.

2000 Sporster Sport Wiring Diagram

Submit a new text post. Google your year and get a manual. Thanked Times in 90 Posts. The last guy used tie-wraps and black tape to hold it all together. I don’t think I’ve found any for or Log in or sign up in seconds. Your question will be posted in:. Push button start should just interrupt a line going from your solenoid, 3 position switch for high low beams should ddavidson hot in the middle and high on top with low on bottom.


I have the kill switch figured out.

Sportster wiring things : bikebuilders

Wiring Diagram Third Level. Yellow is low beam the wire runs from switch to headlamp bulb socket.

Going to install some Handlebar Controls. Mount it on the bucket or wherever else you feel like. Find all posts by Garth Bock.

Wiring diagram for switch delete

However, I just need the wiring diagrams. You should purchase gapped, Harley-only spark plugs which usually come with harlej gap of ,th of an inch.

I am about to get a trailer and go over and pick up the bike and take it to a shop and hharley them to do it or go bike shopping! I tried the VIN number search but it didn’t find it.

The factory told me about the Blockhead and that mine was one of made. This harness will allow us to bring the 3 needed wires from under the fuel tank to a much accessible part close to the handlebar.

There are diagrams in the photos here but you can get the same ignition for a lot cheaper elsewhere. Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts. A buddy of mine is helping me put her back to rights.


Harley Davidson Wiring Diagram – Wiring Diagram Todays

The blue wire is power to the switch. Find all posts by cvaria. Internal wiring for ape sporfster can be tricky. The objective is to connect the wires to the bike in a way that it is not altered, this means it can be undone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Car style ignition could be neat, I imagine the installation isn’t too difficult. All my qiring are on wiriny neck gussets except my key switch which is next to seatpost https: Now I see that the Blockhead was put in the 99’s to ‘s before it was put in the Buells.

I am somewhat new to bike building and completely new to Harley’s, I currently have a XL that I am planning on making a swingarm chopper. We got chrome 14’s and original turn signals, new controls, and a new rear taillight.

Currently chasing down wiring problems on my shovel. Following sections will detail the pinout of each one of the subharnesses. Quote message in reply?