HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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Environment and circumstances of the locality should be carefully studied while making education compulsory Quality Development: In the sphere of secondary education the Committee indicated a great waste of efforts due to the immense hartob of failures at the Matriculation Examination.

Philip Hartog – Wikipedia

Answers to Check Your Progress Unitary as well as teaching universities: More primary schools for the girls should be established in rural areas where convenient, girls should also be allowed to study in the schools meant for boys. Service condition of teachers. There should be a well equipped central library in each university in order to enable the teachers to keep themselves upto date in the field of education.

The outbreak of the war had brought about significant changes in the British policy of administration in India. It has already been mentioned above that outbreak of the First World War had brought some significant changes in the British policy of administration in India.

It should provide necessary funds to meet financial deficiencies in the interest of India as a whole.


The villages were scattered, roads and means of communications were very bad. All India Educational Conference, Wardha The report of the Committee holds a unique position in the history of Indian education. Montford reforms introduced diarchy in the field of education. Education was transferred to the representatives of the people. Most of the students were attracted towards higher education because they realised that secondary education could not fulfill their aspirations.

Inthe Hartog Committee submitted its report. Policy of consolidation should be adopted and haphazard expansion should be dropped.

Hartog Committee Report, 1929

Since he was the chairman of the Committee, the Committee was known as Hartog Committee. This involved the waste of time, effort and money of the pupils. It pointed out various defects of primary education and laid emphasis on developing primary schools into a community centre.

Children had to help their parents in agriculture and the parents found that if they sent their children to schools, their work would suffer. The number of teaching department in universities and colleges had gone up to in from in It was impossible for them to spend sufficient money for the progress of education.

He edited a history and description of the college[2] and both there and at the Victoria University he was an assistant lecturer commitete chemistry. Many of the schools were temporary and short lived.

Notes for UPSC: Hartog Committee

Efforts should be concentrated on improving university work cluture, on confining the university to its proper function of providing good advanced education to students, who are fit to receive it and to make the university a more fruitful agency in the life of the community.


In this regard the committee said— a Remuneration and conditions of service of the secondary teachers are for from satisfactory. Departmental examinations should be held to recruit the graduates in administrative services. Therefore it argued for qualitative improvement.

This made the Indian people offended and new political unrest was imminent. This includes discussion on the Montford reform and education in the System of Diarchy.

But the general people of the country were asking for quantitative expansion. Answer briefly the following questions: The universities are over-crowded with students who are not exactly for university education. List the defects of university education as pointed out by Hartog committee It is necessary for us to know what these changes were and how they influenced the political and educational aspects of the country.

It expressed the opinion that the universities had failed to meet the needs of the people. Hartog Committee was appointed by the Simon Commission as an Auxiliary Committee under the chairmanship of Sir Phillip Hartog to prepare a report on education. Physical and climatic conditions such as roads for communication, rainy season, and inaccessible conditions etc. He had also been a vice-Chancellor of the Dacca University in Primary schools should serve as centres for rural uplift works, medical relief, adult education, mass literacy, sanitation, recreation etc Finance: