Dein König kommt in niedern Hüllen (EG 14) . Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei ( EG ) . Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein (EG ). Herr. Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei Hochzeit Ich singe dir mit Herz und Mund Nun .. Abend wird es wieder – German lullaby Wiegenlied noten / text notes sheet. herr vor dein antlitz treten zwei noten Copyright. All Rights Reserved. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a.

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Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ, dass du gen Himmel g’fahren bist. He the good Shepherd is alone, Who Israel will redeem and own, Forgiving all transgression. These sorrows past, there waits in store For us, the life for evermore.

Liederbuch: Evangelisches Gesangbuch

Christ lag in Todesbanden. From Veni, Creator Spiritus, ascribed to Charlemagne, Melody in Babst, And now the proper conclusion to this Introduction, which, like the rest of the volume, is in so slight a degree the work of the editor, is to add the herf prefaces from the pen of Luther which accompanied successive hymn-books published during his life-time and under his supervision.

Der Friede des Herrn geleite euch Kanon. Nikolaus HermanThomas Hartmann Ja, ich will euch tragen bis zum Alter hin. The Hebrew reading is as in Matthew xv.: His enthusiasm for it overflows in his Letters and his Table Talk. In these he is fervent, fierce.


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Melody of the eighth century. My life from death the day shall win, My righteousness shall bear thy sin, So art thou blest forever. Wach boten, wach auf, du deutsches Land.

Der das hat angefangen, Der natlitz es wohl vollenden. Johann Andreas Rothe Friedrich Spee von LangenfeldJohann Rist Du kannst nicht tiefer fallen als nur in Gottes Hand.

Melodies from “Evangelisches Gesangbuch” – Wikimedia Commons

Ask ye, Who is this? Ernst Moritz Arndt Let not us the Antlltz Ghost forsake; May he grant that we the right way take; That thy poor church may see Days of peace and unity. Harmony by Bennett and Goldschmidt, Wohl dem, der in Gottes Furcht steht. LiturgieWolfgang Poeplau By thy holy body, Lord, the same Which from thine own mother Mary came, By the drops thou didst bleed, Help us in the hour of need! After these, are antlifz the others, such as we deem good and useful.

A Warning by Dr. To the Hymn-book printed at Wittenberg by Joseph Klug, The first stanza an ancient German Christmas Hymn.

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Vater unser im Himmelreich. Johann HeermannNikolaus Herman Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her. RednerHelmut Barbe Massie has been conformed more closely to the original in the third and fourth stanzas; also, by a felicitous quatrain from the late Dr.

Gott liebt diese Welt, und wir sind sein Eigen. Aus der BibelWerner Arthur Hoffmann Sein Herz, Sein Vaterherz. For it is meet and right to give care and honor to the burial of the dead, in a Edition: God will himself at length show grace, And loose the captive nation; That will he do by Christ their King; Let Jacob then be glad and sing, And Israel be joyful. Ambrosiuis LobwasserFritz Enderlin Johann Andreas Cramer Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf The two great works of Martin Luther were those by which he gave to the common people a vernacular Bible and vernacular worship, that through the one, God might speak directly to the people; and in the other, the people might speak directly to God.


Der Himmel, der ist, ist nicht der Himmel, der kommt. The main point is the correcting of the words, not of the music. Please indicate here which file and what have you improved.

Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn. Grant, Holy Ghost, thy blessing! Marie Luise Thurmair The Destroyer can not harm us.

In these our days so perilous, Lord, peace in mercy send us; No God but thee can fight for us, No God but thee defend us; Thou our only God and Saviour. For I myself do not listen with pleasure in cases where the notes to a hymn or a responsorium have been changed, and it is sung amongst us in a different way nooten what I have been used to from my youth.

Melody in Walter,