Discover ideas about I Ching. I CHING – O Livro das Mutações: Hexagrama Ta Ch’u / O Poder de Domar do Grande. I ChingLivros. More information. El hexagrama 26 es llamado 大畜 (ta ch’u), “La Fuerza Domesticadora de lo Grande”. Hello all, I have been reading the memorizing threads on Hex and it was quite interesting the discussion about line 1 and 4 – which Wilhelm.

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It is called a barrier-cart [defense]. The man retrains hesagrama wild force by timely preventive acts and extraordinary precautions, like fastening a headboard on the growing horns of a young bull. Talents and virtue are nourished because he refuses to confine hexagram power within his immediate family. Not to eat at home is good fortune. Determining who is in charge in this situation becomes a lesson about assumptions, fears and the need for control as a power game ensues between very potent individuals.


This is best accomplished by joining with others whose powers of focused attention are stronger than your own. We are told not to cross the bridge until we come to it, but this world is owned by those who crossed bridges in their imaginations far ahead of the hexagarma.

Early Yang energy represented in the first line is being kept from its own natural development by the relationship with the open Yin place in the 4th place which gives it a different path to follow. True power need not be demonstrated as Creative energy is restrained beneath the mountain of Keeping Still.

The key isn’t brute strength – the bullock would win every time – but intelligence and position. There is danger; beneficial to stop. A gelded boar’s tusk — good fortune! Heaven is in the mountains, great accumulation. The man should wait while storing energy for his next move.


This is your Te, the instinctual awareness that knows exactly where you need to be: It can suggest a necessary respite or retreat in order to heal or recharge. An oracle of hex A fine steed galloping. The hexaggama below, when ehxagrama to the axle, made the carriage stop; he himself acts that part. Congratulations are in order! Let me walk round some line pathways here I’m away from work now until the New Year. This is no longer just about stopping danger, nor yet just about asserting control.

Please type these characters required. It is of benefit to continue working hard and to keep the chariot safe.

26: Containment of Potential

Thus the jun zi accumulates his virtue by remembering past words and deeds. Since everything is under your control you can move forward.

The animal elements, instincts, and desires existed before the Divine Spirit illuminated them and made them into man. Since you understand its nature you can make its power work for you. It is a favorable time for crossing the great river sea.

You may feel that you are restrained from advancing. In the face of a seemingly insoluble conflict, awareness and discipline are called for. When cultivated alongside of fearlessness, it is like water that finds its own course, without any sense of barriers. There will be pervasiveness. Psychologically, inner complexes will drain energy from the situation unless the ego has the will to control their manifestation.

When in doubt follow the current that life presents to you. Similarly, it is smart to restrain reckless forces before they do great damage. When water meets a dam, it continues to rise in power until it overwhelms whatever blocked its flow. Heaven within hexagramaa mountain: Changes to 9 Small Restraint. Carrying the crossroads of heaven; development. Have a wonderful holiday! And we could take any other reading hezagrama there are lines involved.


The Confucian commentary tells us that Self and ego are in accord on this one. So the 1st line of the lower trigram corresponds to the 1st line of the upper trigram or line 1 corresponds to line 4.

I Ching Hexagram 26 – Ta Ch’u (Controlled Power) | Cafe au Soul

I open for readings three hexagramq four times per year; you can sign up here to be notified when readings are next available. The fifth line, magnetic, shows the teeth of a castrated hog. The overall hexagram 26 of restraint of development in general becomes the ultimate expression of sophisticated development in terms of the ceremonial Ting.

Line 2 There is no point in struggling now.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 26

I like your question about whether the two lines connect with 50 somehow. It would be wise to halt. He is like a carriage from which the strap under it has been removed — being in the central place, he will incur no blame. Every line except the sixth depicts some kind of restraint of power — only in the top line is the energy available for use.

The tusk of a gelded boar. Heaven located-in bexagrama center.