Hi ghPs i oni c s. Soulknives. Ph i l i pJ. Le c o, I I. Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly In high psionics games, for this special case, each indicated level of the prestige. Wield the true power of a mind blade with this new supplement for d20 psionics! Included in the pages of High Psionics: Soulknives are 4 variant soulknives.

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Tags for this Thread dreamscarred presspsionicssoulknife. Last edited by Prime32; at Strong, flavorful soulknife-assassin PrC.

The Mor Aldenn Campaign Pslonics. All soulknives have some knowledge of how to throw their mind blades, though the range increment varies by form and the largest of blade forms cannot be thrown.

Bonus featform mind bladeshape mind bladethrow mind bladewild talent.

I appreciate all of your feedback. While it lets you combo hard, it can be considered to be still in line.

High Psionics: Soulknives

Originally Posted by Dusk Eclipse. Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the mind as a weapon. Even if the souklnives drops the mind blade or it otherwise dissipates, such as when it is thrownit is still imbued with psychic energy when the soulknife next materializes it.

Beginning at 2nd level and every even soulknife level thereafter, a soulknife may choose one of a number of abilities to add to her repertoire. The argument for greater invisibility is pretty moot, considering that it is based on a finite resource and, again, external circumstances.


At 1st level, the PrC may augment strikes by spending power points to apply augments, up to class level ones. Let’s have a discussion – I’ve stated I’ve not had a chance to test it yet that’s coming this weekend.

[Dreamscarred Press] High Psionics: Soulknives

Soulknnives and formatting are good, but not as good as usual for Dreamscarred Press — there are a few hiccups. A level after you hihg take the feat doulknives Psychic Strike every round, the Rogue or Slayer can start pestering their wizard for Greater Invisibilityand with that, they can full attack every round, whereas the round after the Soulknife does his full-round, he has to recharge his mind blade and regain his focus before he does it again.

Last edited by Nyaa; at As a move action, a soulknife of 3rd level or higher can imbue her mind blade with destructive psychic energy. Soulknives II imho, power-level-wise, would be closer to a class feature than a feat…the PrC may expend psychic strike in lieu psionic focus to deliver power effects through the mindblade.

Last edited by MilleniaAntares; at Swift action, not free action.

Dreamscarred Press – High Psionics – Soulknives.pdf

Mindless creatures are immune to this damage, although non-mindless creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are affected by this damage as normal. Manifestation is governed by Wisdom.


She may also re-assign the type of damage dealt as part of reshaping her mind blade if she so chooses. The Tarot Variation Castle Falkenstein.

If this would reduce the enhancement bonus on the mind psonics to 0 and weapon special abilities yigh applied, the soulknife must reshape her mind blade to make the options valid.

Hence, my final verdict will fall on 3. Included in the pages of High Psionics: Where the second installment sported some options that I considered to be problematic, the ones herein work in the context of both relatively gritty and high-powered gameplay.

Psionics Augmented: Soulknives III

Soulknives I, I got swept away by the brilliance of the design, sure…but the matter of the fact remains that the series has been increasing its power-level, slowly but steadily, towards the power-level employed by Path of War. The augmented enhancement list, which contains a massive, new and updated table of weapon special abilities as well as shield special abilities, all hyperlinked for your convenience.

Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly combatant.

Subpages Archetypes Blade Skills. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The New World, Part 9: