5. Newsletter. Before doing anything else, make sure to sign up for the free Energy .. Bedini Mono-Pole Energizer circuit that is extremely similar to the diagram. WHAT IS THE BEDINI SG? Get a copy of the Bedini SG – The Authorized Beginner’s Manual if you want to learn all about the Bedini SG and how to build your. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell.

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Conventional chargers usually have a shutoff when they determine full charge.

Stop charging when the voltage of the battery reaches the battery manufacturer’s specifications. Jerry, Here is a little girl that I talked to about a motor and she built it with a little help on the phone, it generates power and runs at rpm. As such, the learning process starts when one refrains from enefgizer a conventional energy transfer from the primary source batterydriving the motor, thereby pushing electron current into the charging bank.

John Bedini See also: It will probably vary a bit depending on wire guage, length of wire, number of turns etc Along the left hand side of the screen are the links to the functional areas, which are described below. This newly charged battery is then discharged by being connected to a sine-wave inverter and running a watt light bulb for 40 minutesjoules.

The Earth’s North Pole is magnetically south, n of compass points so the “north” end of your compass will be attracted to A compass in the Northern Hemisphere truely does point in a northerly direction, but not to the North Pole. Thanks Seph for opening this up. In order to have the circuit performing you will use the mosfet that the maje shows, so if you have to put 24 volts input power you will calculate the resistor with the simple voltage divider ecuation, irfb is rated for 10 volts max for gate voltage, so if you don’t want enerbizer the mosfet you will do like in the schematic!


Rods will be cut to length of the coil spool. Do enough cycles so that you are certain of the trends. The maximum discharge load value is calculated by If you don’t have time to do a charge or discharge cycle in the above example, you could pick a larger battery and smaller load than C20 so you could do a 24 hour charge and 24 hour discharge cycle.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

I think that is everything covered Other than the differences listed above it is pretty much identical to the SSG setup. This also ties in with the field reversing in the drive core and possibly an attempt to get at least a weak push off this reversal without appreciable generator action.

Hi Shamus, I agree, and It has been a while since filming. When you do this, the semiconductor over heats, because the current to the transistor stays on and the mechanical oscillator runs slow. The rods may extend out of spool up to W 12mm.

I find ma to be about average per winding. I wonder if a commercial switched reluctance motor with your recovery circuit with battery and a generator attached what it would do……………?

Bedini SSG Monopole Energizer Motor Kit

You’re going to be cutting a lot to fill the spool hole, around Coil Spool Purpose – To wind the parallel lengths of magnet wire around to 1 create an electromagnet to pump the magnets on the wheel and 2 receive pulses of energy from the magnets for the charging battery. Without the coil mounted 5.

Record the discharge time, in seconds, in the “Time Seconds ” field of the Output Joules section of the table. If the potentiometer gets hot back off a little or it will burn out.

JPG ” in the Files section. See this table for common C20 rates. When this desire takes the form of a blinding passion, it hinders proper scientific research and prevents one from learning how to get it.

There are many, many, more Mnoopole advanced designs that may be replicated for the experimenter’s personal use. This is not as true for deep cycle batteries, however repeated discharging at a higher rate than the C20 rate may reduce the life of the battery.


Start your stopwatch or write down the time you started the discharge. See this graph for more details. After following energiezr Basic Tuning Instructions below, makw may wish to check this with the 1Q resistor test.

Mnoopole are also several books and DVDs on the market that may interest you. The “conventional” kind of energy is not enough to account for the observed charging. BB code is On.

The moderators will delete any files that are not relevant to the group experiment. I know that several of you on Keelynet tried very hard to build this motor, but I said in the beginning, just build the motor the way I said to do it.

Get 2 identical small flashlight bulbs 1 2v 1 0Oma for example. Measure the voltage of the charging battery and note the amps reading on the analog amp meter. You want to charge these batteries up with either charger over an 8 to 24 hour period. We have made the effort to learn what John has been reporting and succeeded. Disconnect the charging battery. Do not worry if you numbers aren’t as good as others, all data rnergizer considered important.

Only those who are known for following directions and contributing to this research will be considered for invitation to other advanced groups. All photos must be approved by the moderators before they are visible to the members. Allbeit a little trickier perhaps In the end, if the batteries are charging, great.

You know already that the conventional charger howw repeated load tests will result in less and less load time until the battery has no more capacity to be charged and power a load.