Gilfredo Marengo, author of the book “La nascita di un’enciclica. Humanae vitae alla luce degli Archivi Vaticaniˮ (Birth of an encyclical. Humanae vitae is not a “pre-conciliar” encyclical, Bl. Paul VI did not develop The book “La nascita di un enciclica” (The Birth of an encyclical). Una ricerca storica sulla nascita di Humanae vitae – l’ultima enciclica di papa Paolo VI emanata il 25 luglio del – realizzata attraverso.

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The Church, in fact, cannot act differently toward men than did the Redeemer.


At a time when the problem of population growth was being raised, he had the courage to defend openness to life in families. And if each of these essential qualities, the unitive and the procreative, is preserved, the use of marriage fully retains its sense of true mutual love and its ordination to the supreme responsibility of parenthood to which man is called.

For there are enxiclica ways by which a government can and should solve hummanae population problem—that is to say by enacting laws which will assist families and by educating the people wisely so that the moral law and the freedom of the citizens are both safeguarded. It helps them to repel inordinate self-love, which is the opposite of charity. In this way she defends the dignity of husband and wife.

Iamvero coniugalis amor tunc nobis maxime veram suam naturam nobilitatemque ostendet, si illum, quasi a supremo quodam fonte, a Deo manare cogitaverimus, qui Caritas est6 quique Pater est, ex quo omnis paternitas in caelis et in terra nominatur.

It is a love which is total—that very special form ejciclica personal friendship in which husband and wife generously share everything, allowing no unreasonable exceptions and not thinking solely of their own convenience. This publication is at the origin of the popular narrative that Paul VI acted alone, and against the opinion of the majority of commission theologians. Though this fidelity of husband and wife sometimes presents difficulties, no one has the encicliac to assert that it is impossible; it is, humane the contrary, always honorable and meritorious.

On ‘Humanae vitae’- Pope Paul VI did not act alone

Etenim hominum vita pro sacra re est omnibus ducenda – commonebat Decessor Noster f. Verum enimvero, si malum morale tolerare, quod minus grave sit, interdum licet, ut aliquod maius vitetur malum vel aliquod praestantius bonum promoveatur, 17 numquam tamen licet, ne ob gravissimas quidem causas, facere mala ut eveniant bona On 16 JanuaryPope Francis said to a meeting with families in Manila, insisting on the need to protect the family: As World Bank President Robert McNamara declared at the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group that countries permitting birth control practices will get preferential access to resources, doctors in La Paz, Boliviacalled it insulting that money should be exchanged for the conscience of a Catholic nation.


Pope Paul VI was troubled by the encyclical’s reception in the West. Porro ea, de qua loquimur, conscia paternitas praecipue aliam eamque intimam secum fert rationem, pertinentem ad ordinem moralem, quem obiectivum vocant, a Deoque statutum, cuius recta conscientia est vera interpres. Humanaee, however, sin still exercises its hold over them, they are not to lose heart. Id etiam reformidandum est, ne viri, hisce usibus conceptioni officientibus iam assueti, mulierum reverentiam obliviscantur, earumque corporis animique aequilibritate posthabita, easdem quoddam reddant instrumentum suae ipsorum cupiditati inserviens, nec iam eas ut consortes existiment, qual observantia et amore prosequi debeant.

Consequently, unless we are willing that the responsibility of procreating life should be left to encicoica arbitrary decision of men, we must accept that there are certain limits, beyond which it is wrong to go, to the power of man over his own body and its natural functions—limits, let it be said, which no one, whether as a private individual or as a public authority, can lawfully exceed. It concerns the objective moral order which was established by God, and of which a right conscience is the true interpreter.

Catholic Church and abortion. Nevertheless, it is held that the sexual act must retain its intrinsic hmanae to the procreation of human life. Others ask on the same point whether humanaae is not reasonable in so many cases to use artificial birth control if by so doing the harmony and peace of a family are better served and more suitable conditions are provided for the education of children already born.

Since the Church did not make either of these laws, she cannot be their arbiter—only their guardian and interpreter. Nihil profecto est dubii, quin naturae impetibus, rationis liberaeque voluntatis ope, imperare asceseos sit opus, ut nempe amoris significationes, coniugalis vitae propriae, cum recto ordine congruant; quod praesertim ad usum continentiae, certis temporis intervallis servandae, requiritur. This is what We mean to do, with special reference to what the Second Vatican Council taught with the highest authority in its Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the World of Today.

Neither the Church nor her doctrine is inconsistent when she considers it lawful for married people to take advantage of the infertile period but condemns as always unlawful the use of means which directly prevent conception, even when the reasons given for the later practice may appear to be upright and serious.


In the former the married couple rightly use a faculty provided them by nature.

This is especially clear in the practice of periodic continence. It is also, and above all, an act of the free will, whose trust is such that it is meant not only to survive the joys and sorrows of daily life, but also to grow, so that husband and wife become in a way one enciflica and one soul, and together attain their human fulfillment.

Shortly after this, St.

And now We wish to speak to rulers humana nations. Nemo enim umquam carnem suam odio habuit: Likewise we hold in the highest esteem those doctors and members of the nursing profession who, in the exercise of their calling, endeavor to fulfill the demands of their Christian vocation before any merely human interest.

It started inwhen St. Consider this mission as one of your most urgent responsibilities at the present time. And now as We come to the end of this encyclical letter, We turn Our mind to you, reverently and lovingly, beloved and venerable brothers in the episcopate, with whom We share more closely the care of hujanae spiritual good of the People of God.

On ‘Humanae vitae’- Pope Paul VI did not act alone

Marriage, then, is far from being the effect of chance or the result of the blind evolution of natural forces. A Great Work I beg you my brothers let us avoid another Galileo affair. For no man ever hates his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, as Christ does the Church. Iidem sane, haec agentes, vere et omnino recti amoris testimonium praebent. Ex quo fit, ut in tradendae vitae munere iis integrum non sit, se arbitratu suo gerere, quasi ipsis liceat vias honestas, quas sequantur, modo omnino proprio ac libero definire; cum, contra, opera sua ad consilium Dei Creatoris accommodare teneantur, quod hinc ipsa matrimonii eiusque actuum natura exprimit, hinc constans Ecclesiae doctrina declarat.

Acta1, pp. Husbands and wives, therefore, when deeply distressed by reason of the difficulties of their life, must find stamped in the heart and voice of their priest the likeness of the voice and the love of our Redeemer.

Quod profecto inter tot christiani apostolatus formas opportunissimum hodie esse videtur.