Selamat Datang di Website iGuard Indonesia iGuard™ LMFOSC Durable Optical Fingerprint Contactless Smart Card 1, users expandable to 20, Website iGuard Indonesia. LM FSC. Power. 12V DC, mA. Fingerprint Sensor. Capacitive. Contactless iGuard LMFOSC · iGuard LMFSC. iGuard LMFOSC Fingerprint and Smart Card Access Control -iGuard IP Security Appliance LMFOSC with Optical Fingerprint Scanner.

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Price Iguard Lm Fosc Eng: Perbandingan Harga Supplier Terbaik. Fingerprint Access Control Innovation M Smart Card Only via Quick Access – Quick Access is an access control feature of iGuard which, when activated, allows employees to access the premises without multi-factor authentication.

iGuard LM Series : iGuard LM FOSC

If you are upgrading or adding to an older iGuard system preplease contact us at or sales iguarddirect. The enrolled user states his or her identity for lm520-osc, by entering a user ID or swiping an assigned iGuard Smart Card on igaurd iGuard IP Security Appliance and places the enrolled finger on the reader. Optional Software and Hardware The built-in Database Server can save up to 20, access log records.

Be the first to ask here. Fingerprint biometrics utilized by the iGuard system can help securely reduce the problems associated with forgotten passwords, insecure password usage, and stolen, lost or forgotten keys, cards, tokens and other physical credentials. Ya Tidak, saya ingin berbelanja lagi.

iGuard LM530-FOSC Fingerprint and Smart Card Access Control

If you are a Company who wished to sell your product, ml520-fosc click here to join us. For example, you can limit the employees of the marketing department rights to get into the office premises during weekdays from nine to five only, or prevent a particular employee from entering the computer server room.

When installing multiple iGuards on a single power supply, with or without door strikes, we recommend using discrete power for each iGuard and each door strike with an N diode between each iGuard and Strike power leads to eliminate back EMF per our installation diagram.


Connection of the optional power supply can be achieved lm520-foosc a direct 12v multi-voltage v Hz plug-in adapter or a 2. Monitoring Kegiatan Pembelian Barang.

Quantity Add to Cart. A user must first enroll his or her fingerprint and will be prompted to scan two fingers with the SecuGen fingerprint reader on the iGuard IP Security Appliance. We are not responsible if things happen that are not desirable. The security and simplicity of the iGuard iguwrd is measuring igguard characteristics that are very difficult to lose, lm502-fosc or duplicate. Lucky’s iGuard has been in continuous use with multiple generations and upgrades since its original development and deployment oguard Jaya Putra Multiguna Verified.

Our Payment system protects customer from fraud and scam, due to reason your money will always be safe. There are three system passwords accessible via direct input or via web-browser: When used as a security system we recommend using the IG-ER01 to remove the door strike relay from the iGuard and provide strike release from the secure side of the door.

N matching algorithm compares this template with all the templates enrolled in the database. If you are purchasing a new iGuard system, or expanding an existing iGuard system with an optical sensorthis iGuard will fit your needs. All the information can be accessed via web-browser real-time, instead of spreadsheets of day-old or week-old data.

This Company was listed as a Free Member. All employees’ information, including their individual access rights and privileges, will be automatically synchronized to all devices in this configuration via TCP-IP. Number of Concurrent Users: Related Search With Iguard Lm Fosc Eng eng fingerprint absensi kartu absensi mesin absensi jari absensi kartu absensi fingerprint fingerprint attendances.

If the templates match, the user’s identity is authenticated. Users may be segregated into different departments each with their own access rights and privileges. Put me on the Waiting List. This unique template is then encrypted for security and stored with other identifying information about the user including the smart card ID, PIN code and user ID No actual image of the fingerprint is ever stored on the iGuard IP Security Appliance or smart card and can ever be extracted from the FIR template.



In a more convenient, but less “secure” method of operation, the enrolled user places the enrolled finger on the iGuard IP Security Appliance fingerprint reader without stating his or her identity for example, by not entering any user ID. The reader captures fingerprint images and sends them to the iGuards memory and to the slave units for processing based upon user privileges and profiles. Basic functions for the iGuard fingerprint biometric enrollment and matching system include fingerprint imaging, extraction and matching.

Daftar Sekarang Hubungi A fingerprint is captured, and minutiae data is extracted from the fingerprint and converted into a template. Questions about this item?

Lucky Technology Ltd

Indotrading not verify the address and the document for a Free Member. For example, during the Quick Access period, employees can just use smartcards to gain access without fingerprint or pin verification. Lm520-cosc can configure this address and other network settings, such as subnet mask, gateway and DNS via the keypad.

Silahkan melakukan transaksi dengan cara buat permintaan beli, terima penawaran, beli dari penawaran yang Anda terima dan bayarkan biaya ke Indotrading. By utilizing fingerprints that stay with you wherever you go and that are generally readily available, fingerprint igkard can help make it more convenient for you to access protected facilities or resources, while maintaining a secure and reliable method of authentication.

For the purpose of security, Please do a transaction using our new feature and pay your purchase fee through Indotrading. This Company is no longer active.