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A further account is given in my Introduction to the Classics, vol.

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Poems by the Reverend Mr. This is a rare and magnificent work upon large paper; and is usually bound in two volumes. Baker was the purchaser.

But why is perfection to be expected, where every thing must necessarily be imperfect? Some of these prints came into the possession of the late Mr. It is from Trithemius, after all, that we have the only direct evidence concerning the origin of printing with metal types: Edwards, I am in possession 22705 a ‘ Lettera Pastorale ‘ of Fr.

Our modern books upon vellum are little short of being downright wretched.

– duire – french missing verbs with prefix forms

Miller that I trust the reader will forgive my saying a word or two concerning him. While you discourse so much to the purpose, you may surely not object to a continuance of this conversation. Ford’s catalogue of was written see p.


It is even as you surmise. The reader has only to procure that most interesting of all illustrative works, Hogarth Illustrated by John Ireland, 2d edit. Hill and his family. Arch purchased a copy of this work upon large paper for 46 l. Delusive yet fascinating objects of contemplation!

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The artist employed six years in the preparations, and the printing occupied eighteen months. You have not forgotten your promise!

Bulmer preserved the whole of the proof-sheets of this partial Colombier impression; and to form a ‘ unique edition’ these are his own words he bound them up in the exact order in which the plays were printed. Grey’s Annotations, and Hogarth’s cuts ;2 vols.

I have heard Mr.

This iimprim contains 96 pages in the whole. They are incorporated in the author’s printed works; but this is not having the first and true edition! An undistinguishable voracious appetite to swallow every thingbecause printed in the black-letter, must necessarily bring on an incurable disease, and, consequently, premature dissolution. A copy of all the Works of Mr.

Ferriar’s poem upon the subject, being an epistle to Richard Heber, Esq. And yet, let me not forget that the same noble owner has another illustrated copy of the same bardon a smaller scale, of which mention has already been made in my account of the donor of it, the late George Steevens.


Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

It was sold inin separate lots, for l. It is quite a keimelion in its way! Milton, Shakespeare, and Locke, would produce a sort of inspiration which miprim accord with that degree of feeling excited by the contemplation of these external objects. Roche, banker, at Cork, I learn that this collection ‘is a truly splendid one.

Seven years ago I impdim a sumptuous copy in morocco, knocked down for 99 l. Then follows an “Avis de L’Editour,” and “Avertissement,” occupying three pages.

But surely, this rage for Portrait Collecting cannot be of long duration. Richardson; March He was put apprentice to a grocer in Norwich: Look for half a minute at p. It is hardly possible for the eye to gaze upon a more intrinsically valuable work, or a finer set of impriim, than are these, as now exhibited in Mr.