Kfz-Werkstatt Mechaniker übergibt Auto mit Protokoll an Kundin – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock. Download the royalty-free photo “Kfz-Werkstatt Mechaniker übergibt Auto mit Protokoll an Kundin” created by Kzenon at the lowest price on. Avtal mellan Europeiska ekonomiska gemenskapen och Republiken Indonesien om handel med textilprodukter – Protokoll A – Protokoll B – Protokoll C.

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Product details Unknown Binding: For the purpose of the administration of this Agreement, the limits referred to in Article 3 are broken down by the Community into shares for each of its Member States.

What happens will be different every night. The limits introduced under paragraph 2 or paragraph 4 may in no case be lower than the level of imports of products in that category originating in Indonesia in Where it is established that the provisions of this Agreement have been contravened, Indonesia and the Community may agree to take such measures as are necessary to prevent a recurrence of such contravention.

The duplicate must bear the date of the original export licence or certificate of origin. The Community may request consultations ,fz accordance with paragraph 1 when it ascertains that during a particular year of application of the Agreement difficulties arise in the Community or one of its regions from a sharp and substantial increase, by comparison to the preceding year, in inspektionsprootkoll of a given category of Group I subject to the quantitative inspemtionsprotokoll set out in Annex II.

The certificate of origin shall be issued by the competent governmental authorities of Indonesia if the products in question can be considered products originating in that country within the meaning of the inspektionsprotookoll rules in force in the Community. Products shipped before the date of application of the decision shall remain subject to the earlier classification practice, provided that the goods in question are presented for importation into the Community within 60 days of that date.

Should either Party find that the application of this Agreement is disturbing existing commercial relations between importers in the Community and suppliers in Indonesia consultations shall be started promptly, in accordance with the procedure specified in Article 16 with a view to remedying this situation.

EUR-Lex – A(04) – EN – EUR-Lex

English Choose a language for shopping. In case of divergent opinion between Indonesia and the competent Community authorities at the point of entry into the Community as to the nature of such products, consultations shall be held within one month with a view to resolving such divergences. The export licence and certificate of origin may be issued after the shipment of the products to which they relate.

If, in the course of the application of this Agreement, Indonesia finds that the break-down of a limit established inspektionsprorokoll Annex II causes particular difficulties, it may request the opening of insprktionsprotokoll in accordance with Article 16 with a view to reaching a mutually satisfactory solution.

Exports of cottage industry fabrics woven on hand- or foot-operated looms, garments or other articles obtained manually from such fabrics and traditional folklore handicraft products shall not be subject to quantitative limits, provided that these products meet the conditions laid down in Protocol B.


However, the release for home use of products imported under the conditions referred to above shall be subject to the production of an export licence issued by the Indonesian inspekhionsprotokoll, and to proof of origin in accordance with the provisions of Protocol A.

The Community and Indonesia shall cooperate closely to implement the provisions of this Agreement. This information shall include at the request of the Community copies of all relevant documentation. Where a decision on classification results in a change of classification practice or a change of category of any product subject to the Agreement, the competent authorities of the Community shall provide 30 day’s notice, from the date of the Community’s communication, before the decision is put into effect.

Provided that they are effected in accordance with the regulations on economic outward processing in force in the Community, these inspektionsprofokoll are not subject to the quantitative limits set out in Annex II when they are subject to the specific arrangements laid down in Protocol E.

Workshop mechanic handing over car to client. Joint Declaration concerning batik fabrics and products thereof A.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The provisions of this Article shall not apply where the percentages specified in paragraph 2 have been reached as a result of fall in total imports into the Community, and not as a result of an increase in exports or products originating in Indonesia.

Inspektionsprotoko,l shall communicate the results of these enquiries to the Community together with any other pertinent information enabling the true origin of the goods to be determined. The Parties recognize and confirm that, subject to the provisions of this Agreement and without prejudice to their rights and obligations under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the conduct of their mutual trade in textile products shall be governed by the provisions of the Geneva Arrangement.

The Community and Indonesia agree that if the Multifibre Arrangement is extended for a period going beyond 31 Kfa then the present Agreement will be automatically prolonged for a further period of one year up to 31 December in accordance with the economic and technical terms of the existing Agreement, with the adaptations strictly necessary for the application of the Agreement for the fifth year.

Section Inspektionsprrotokoll Importation Article 11 Importation into the Community of textile products subject to quantitative limits shall be subject to the presentation of an import authorization or document. If the above provisional classification results in provisional debit against a quantitative inspektionsproyokoll for a category of products other than the category indicated on the export documents issued by the competent Indonesian authorities, the Community shall inform Indonesia of such provisional debit within 30 days.

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Kfz-Werkstatt Mechaniker übergibt Auto mit Protokoll an Kundin

The results of the subsequent verifications carried out in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be communicated to the competent authorities of the Community within three months at the latest together with any other pertinent information, particularly regarding the true origin of the goods. A certificate of origin shall be issued for all products covered by the present Protocol by Indonesia in accordance with the provisions of Protocol A of the Agreement, bearing a reference to the prior authorization referred to in paragraph 6 as evidence that the processing operation described in the prior authorization has been carried out in Indonesia.


The parties hereby further agree to the following arrangements: Extended license The Extended License gives you all the rights granted by the Standard License, but also the ability to print our creative files more thantimes and allows you to use them on your own products.

The competent governmental authorities of Indonesia shall ensure that the certificate of origin is properly completed and for this purpose they shall call for any necessary documentary evidence or carry out any check which they consider appropriate.

See more Fotolia plans. The Directorate-General for External Relations of the Commission of the European Communities avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the European Communities the assurance of its highest consideration.

The Community may, at its own discretion, and bearing in mind the interest of both parties, or in the framework of a request set out in Article 16 of the Agreement:.

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In that event, the Agreement shall come to an end on the expiry of the period of notice. The special consultation procedures referred to in this Agreement shall be governed by the following rules: Where the Community authorities have evidence that imports of textile products have been set off against a quantitative limit established under this Agreement, but that the products have subsequently been re-exported outside the Community, the authorities concerned shall inform the Indonesian authorities within four weeks of the quantities involved and authorize imports of identical quantities of the same products, which shall not be set off against the quantitative limit established under this Agreement for the current or the following year.

Indonesia and the Community undertake to refrain from discrimination in the allocation of export licences and import authorizations or documents referred to in Protocols A and B. Garments which are not recognizable as being garments for men or boys or as garments for women or girls are classified with the latter. The authorities shall also forward any information that has been obtained suggesting that the particulars given on the said certificate or licence are inaccurate.

Article 4 Where different criteria for determining origin are laid down for products falling within the same category, certificates or declarations of origin shall contain a sufficiently detailed description of the goods to enable the criterion to be determined on the basis of which the certificate was issued or the declaration drawn up.

The competent Community authorities must be notified forthwith of the withdrawal or alteration of any export licence already issued.