In this work, Wolton creates a critical theory of new mass media that have replaced the human and social dimension with technique. It is urgent to throw off the. Buy Internet y Despues? / Internet and Beyond (Mamifero Parlante) by Dominique Wolton (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. “Ideología y comunicación de masas: La semantización de la violencia Retrieved from: http://www. e45acf/ Wolton, Dominique (). Internet, ¿y después?.

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The deepening social crisis in America. Enrique Dans is right when he points out that the lack of interactivity of the traditional media comes from the technological constraints and the regulation caused by practical, economic or even political reasons.

Elogio del Gran Publico – Teoria Critica de La TV

A Three videos offered internft that was contradictory or illogic: The subject of nationalism and languages can produce more controversy and encourage the participation of Internet users. The number of people who rates a video with one or five stars is even lower: Cognitive capitalism and contested campus.

Participation interet the most commented videos sample of the 15 most commented videos from June to 10 December To prove our hypothesis, we need to quantify the degree of interactivity of users when consuming online videos.

Intwrnet new audiovisual production in the Internet era. Thus, table 1 shows that the percentage of people who rates a video innternet only 0. Nature,pp. In other words, as Owen affirms, it is necessary and attractive to be passive. Conceptualization of the Web 2. The corporate corruption of higher education critica que en EE.

While some authors affirm that it is just a trendy word, a marketing product, and a pointless term, this author accepts it as a new paradigm. This figure is higher than the one obtained doimnique the 15 most visited videos until Decemberlimited to only 0. This sample aims to analyse the maximum degree of interaction since it includes the 15 videos that have received more comments and accumulate If a key part of the web 2. Table 5 shows that the number of comments and ratings made by the users is insignificant with respect to the number of visits.


La sociedad red The information age. The video has answers from a user repeated on 10 occasions, which might involve some des;ues of manipulation from the user who uploaded the video. This video presents the music mix of a song by artist David Guetta accompanied by a photo collage.

La era del Estado Empresarial Versus el Dominio Público Informacional y Cognitivo

The choice of YouTube: En su lugar han surgido nuevos neologismos: We start from the basis that traditional television is not interactive, but we are going to develop this idea. The average allows us to obtain a global view of all the collected results. Moreover, there are samples that add new variables of interaction for Internet users: Percentage of viewers who commented on the most viewed videos. But the media groups are aware of this lack of interaction from the viewer of videos clips on the Internet.

Merritt Bookstore

Average percentage of YouTube viewers who make comments, rate videos and video-respond based on the sample of the 15 most viewed videos until December And, in this sense, this is the trend that television networks are adopting on their websites, where they provide wolgon content that is identical to the content broadcasted on TV. The internft dispute the widespread myths and the few studies that suggest that most Internet users exercise the interactive potentiality of this medium.

This sample adds a new innovation in interaction: Table 3 presents the quantitative data that should be highlighted from table 2, i. The video that received more video-responses reaches in comparison to the nearly 14 million views.


The choice of Youtube: The great university sell out. Recuperado el 13 de enero de en: This way we can determine the degree of interactivity that exists when videos are consumed over the Internet and, specifically, on YouTube.

Google has just launched its new television device that allows television boxes to have Internet access.

Search results

Of all these data, the attention should be paid to the averages. The University of Wisconsin Press.

With believe that the five samples constitute a large enough number of videos and visits to get results with some empirical significance within a universe in constant expansion. Faculty of Innternet Sciences, University interet Malaga.

This article focuses on the website YouTube Spain as a prime referent of the interactive Web 2. Biotech critic denied tenure, The study revealed the passive character adopted by YouTube viewers, who are in an environment that offers great possibilities of interaction.

The presentation of data follows the same order in which the different samples were described despuess the section 2. YouTube media player screenshot taken during the data collection in January But we are going to quantify the number of Internet users who choose to only watch in comparison to those who actually participate.

Interjet methodology studies the behaviour of Internet users by analysing videos and , visits registered until the end of Information and the crisis economy. University of La Laguna, retrieved on 25 Februaryfrom: Recuperado el 8 de febrero de en: Regarding the interaction through video responses, the results are insignificant.