Results 1 – 7 of 7 INTRODUÇÃO À ESTATÍSTICA by MURTEIRA, bENTO (e OUTROS) and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. Introdução à Estatística – Bento Murteira, Carlos Silva Ribeiro, João Andrade e Silva,. Introdução à Estatística. by: Carlos Pimenta (author) Bento Murteira. Estatística Bayesiana by Carlos Daniel Mimoso Paulino(Book) 1 edition published Introdução à estatística by Bento José Ferreira Murteira(Book) 3 editions.

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Know the most important concepts of the Probability Theory, which are essential for the study of Statistical Inference and Econometrics.

FEP – Statistics II

The lectures will focus the theoretical aspects of the theory but also include the discussion of exercises. Content tecla de atalho: Build skills so that students are able to correctly apply the techniques and statistical concepts applied to real problems situations.

Other occurrences See Ontroduao Summaries Exams. Bologna Syllabus since This curricular unit aims at developing users with critical opinion of statistical methods able to solve problems in new situations.


By the end of the CU the students should be able to apply thhe main probability models, understand the concepts leading to statistical inference; be able to apply statistical methods, bearing in mind their murtrira mathematical formulation and applicability conditions. The count of faults to the discipline of statistics I for the purposes of continuous assessment testing is made from the beginning of the academic year.

The methods are presented and discussed in class in the context of practical problems and exercises.

Comuta visibilidade da coluna esquerda. Bologna Syllabus since Comuta visibilidade da coluna esquerda. Bachelor in Business Administration. Grade of Final Exam or average grade of two tests.

Murteira, Bento José Ferreira

Unidimensional and bidimensional random variables 4. Recommend this page Top.

Be able to apply the probability concepts, never forgetting their rigourous mathematical formularisation, even when intuitively understood. Most important discrete and continuous distributions.

Comuta visibilidade da coluna direita. Teaching – Hours Theoretical and practical: Comuta visibilidade da coluna direita.


Teaching – Hours Theoretical and practical: Be able to do a report on data analysis computing descriptive statistics and presenting graphical representations, together with the use of the software R. Adelaide Maria de Sousa Figueiredo.

Statistics I

The students should know the most important concepts of the Probability Theory, and apply these concepts estatitica rigor and critical knowledge. All students can attend the final exam. Recommend this page Top.

In the end of the course, students should: Acquisition of knowledge resulting from the study of Statistical Inference and Econometrics. All classes are in portuguese. As a complement the curricular unit has an on-line course available through e-learning platform of Porto University. Content tecla de atalho: Other occurrences See Lesson Summaries Exams.