Following on from my introduction to iTextSharp, the free PDF utility that lets you work with PDF files within , this article looks at. iTextSharp is open source PDF solution. In most of the examples below, I tried to alter,copy a template PDF and then save it into a brand new. AffineTransform · clone(). void, concatenate(AffineTransform t). AffineTransform · createInverse(). void, deltaTransform(double[] src, int srcOff, double[] dst.

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My requirement is as follows: GetImportedPage reader, i ; d1. This message is destined exclusively to the intended receiver. However, I am unable to repeat the pages even if I repeat the selectPages method. I will face that issue soon anyway because I want to have “Page 1 of 5” type page numbering and I will need to use PdfContentByte itdxtsharp do the max pages value. If you haven’t read the first article in this seriesI recommend that you do so now. Now the font is put to use in a paragraph:.

Hey, Awesome iTextSharp samples here. Paulo Thanks Paulo, Since I am new to itext I missed any previous advice about changing cell content and I didnt see any mention of that in the documentation.


How to deep copy a PdfPTable?

October 22, at Generally, they use a constant value for the font style, but you can pass in an int representing one of the values, or use the SetStyle method passing in a string. Leave a Clome Cancel reply Enter your comment here October 18, at 7: Notify me of new comments via email.

The technique works except that because I cant get a deep copy of the table, the page number replacement works for page 1 but I cant then pass the original table because the pageno has already been changed and so cant be found to change for page 2,3,4 etc. GetFont returns a valid and new Font object that you can work with directly. Awesome iTextSharp samples here.

It also offers 14 overloaded constructors which gives you a lot more options to work with. They helped achieve what I wanted, that is, copy a PDF cover template to an existing memory stream doc.

Paulo Soares-3 wrote PdfPTable is not made to change cell content. I am using version 2. Se esta mensagem for recebida por engano, por favor envie-a de volta para o remetente e apague-a do seu sistema de imediato. June 19, at 9: Post as a guest Name.

iText – How to deep copy a PdfPTable?

For some reason, the selectPages approach I suggested no longer works with recent versions of iText 5 it worked with the older onesso I looked at your original code, and I adapted it like this:.


Hi, Is it possible to make a deep copy of a PdfPTable? GetInstance document, new FileStream Server. PdfPTable is clon made to change cell content. GetOverContent 2 ; ColumnText.

Each time that you call FontFactory. Thank you many times overs.

PdfDictionary (iText API)

What am I doing wrong? Clone doesnt seem to work. Raveesh G S says: However, I havent tried to do that bit yet. How to create a PDF using byte array? But we will get BaseFont. BrunoLowagie Hi thanks itextsharo the selectPages method. GetFont “nina fett”. Can you demonstrate with a small snippet?

I have a document named “Test” which iitextsharp 2 different pages. My site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic.

GetInstance inputImageStream ; image. For the benefit of anyone else needing to deep copy a PdfPTable, I just changed my test case to: May 16, at 7: Mail; public partial class PDFScenarios: