The purpose of this website is to present my work as a whole rather than as a collection of disconnected parts. 7 Results Visit ‘s Jeffrey John Kripal Page and shop for all Jeffrey John Kripal Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Jeffrey John Kripal. Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal And The Sacred [Jeffrey J. Kripal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most scholars dismiss.

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One can only wonder how a student who has grooved on GEM studies might fare beyond academy—or within it, for that matter, in an era of dwindling opportunities.

Similar authors to follow

What I take from Dale is that the Resurrection appearances were probably real. This is our unstable world. I am also saying that they often carry religious or spiritual dimensions, and that we should be fascinated by them and not mock people who express interest in them or who are changed by them.

Communal in orientation, it is self-sacrificing, humble, and generous toward both friends and enemies. I kept pointing out that paranormal stories are actually stories. They were given to her. They are the direct outcome of actual experiences. When I hit puberty, I became super pious and ended up in a monastic seminary wanting to be a monk.

Letter to the Editor: I was perfectly awake, but I was paralyzed.

And we know they are. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.


Jeffrey J. Kripal

Tuesday, 1 Mayat But the reverse is also true. I was electrocuted by some incredibly powerful presence that was intelligent and had information in it.

He was certainly preaching against the heterosexual family and essentially asked his disciples to leave their families. However, Bengal scholar Brian Hatcher has defended Kripal’s translations. Around that time, he discovered the Esalen Institute, the mecca of the jetfrey potential jeffrry perched on top of a cliff in Big Sur, California. By Min Hyoung Song. Eros, in its refined expressions e. I have to say I find it astonishing: She stepped out of the car with her two-year-old boy and was immediately struck by lightning.

My first assumption was that there was an electrical dysfunction in the wall and that I was being electrocuted. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Later, you moved in a different direction and ktipal with the Esalen Institute in California. He studied with Benedictine monks for a time as a young man, and jevfrey the possibility of joining their ranks. The Paranormal and the Sacred Sep 16, Do you think you encountered some transcendent dimension of reality?

Kripal also has a penchant for being slightly outrageous. Learn more at Author Central.

Jeffrey J. Kripal, PhD – J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religion – Rice University

I see this debate over materialism as one of the great fault lines in our intellectual life. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: I think everything hinges on what we think mind or consciousness is.

Traditional understandings of religion often focus on events, figures, and ideas that are more or less amenable to orthodox framings of what constitutes religious truth and practice, but what if we…look also at those heterodox or esoteric currents of the history of religions that have been actively repressed, censored, or simply forgotten by their respective cultures?


Writing in the Journal of American HistoryCatherine Albanese called it “a highly personal account that is also a superb historiographical exercise and a masterful work of analytical cultural criticism. She was trying to convince herself she was not going crazy, which is all our public culture can do with these things.

Pretty much all of them. My way is just one way, not the only way. The New Media become the Old Media.

Jeffrey Kripal and the secret body. | The Fortnightly Review

They spoke as if there is some kind of causal chain that they wanted to find and measure. The first thing to do is to recognize that they happen.

Can you describe that experience? So Much to Take In. Eliade as a young man was known to have engaged in Tantric experimentation with a women in India. How did that happen?

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