JEWELRY Fundamentals of Metalsmithing Tim McCreight Hand Books Press ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS Introduction E ach of’ us comes to craft work in a. Book: Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight. This book offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction. Find great deals for Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight ( , Hardcover, Revised). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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In order to lift the culet, faceted stones usu- ally require a tall bezel wuth an in- ner step or ledge.

Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight

But tliere is a bet- ter alternative. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of useful information throughout the book, in between the incredible metal art, and he does cover some of the safety issues in one of the appendices that pleases me. Use a push-and-slide stroke to file a flat edge. The basic tools are pretty cheap, a work space can be small, and you can practice on inexpensive metals like copper and brass. With a simple vertical rhythm, the blade slides through the metal with ap- parent ease, able to cut out minute details and bold forms.

Becaustt the soldcir is flu- id, capillary action draws it into these spaces in the same way water is drawn into a sponge. This piece of equipment will be with you for years, so avoid skimping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Get in, get the job done and get out.

Finishing Rivet Heads Because rivets are formed with a hammer, it stands to reason they will show haiTune-r marks. Patinas It’s hard to beat the warm, lustrous beauty of polished metal— hard, but not impossible. This matrix can be used directly on a workpiece, or in conjunction with paper, which will create a matte texture. The bench pin is a wooden sup- port jewerly which ov and filing are done.


Sterling, fine silver, 18K, 14K, wood. In both cases, a small amount of base metal usually xinc or cop- per is added to lower the melting point.

Even with the speed of the motor funcamentals, the size of the wheel determines the surface feet per minute sfmwhich, in turn, determines how fast a wheel cuts. The larger the wheel, the faster it will cut. Look around you, not just at jewelfy, hut at hardware, automo- biles, housewares and, well, look at everything!

It leaves a brighter shine than bobbing. Jules Fry rated it it was amazing May 22, A variation known as or ledge bezel is a strip of metal that is thin- ner at the very top, with an inner ledge where the stone can rest.

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Stamp patterns can be as simple as a line or as complicated as a de- tailed figure, and they can be used in endless combinations. Sterling, 14K engagement ring, mica, moonstone, printed paper. If one piece in an assembly fails to reach the necessary tem- perature, the solder will not pene- trate that srxttion, and the joint will fail.

A 6″ wheel is a good all purpose starter, and will soon wear down to become smaller and therefore useful for reaching into tight areas. Now that you’ve got that piece sparkling bright and free of all the compounds metalsmjthing picked up during polishing, you dry it on a fuzzy towel, right?

Product details Hardcover Publisher: If you go too far— that is, if you continue to strike or bend or stress a metal after jewe,ry cer- tain point— it will break. Federation University Australia Library.


Further shaping can be done with a heading punch, a cup bur or sandpaper. Sup- plement this fundamrntals with the brief section on metals in the appendix.

Scrub the work in all direc- tions, continuing until the desired shine is achieved. No, that’s not necessary.

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Usually only the even num- bers are used, with 10 through 22 being the most common sizes. Tags What are tags? As a result, a piece that was a bright blue might appear as a dull purple.

Photo by Richard Nicol. Liver of sulfur potassium sul- fide breaks down when exposed to air or light, so keep it tightly sealed in an opaque container.

If the solder is brought in too soon, fundamenttals the Joint won’t be made at all, or a blob of solder will fall onto the piece. A bezel is constructed as a thin, low wall that stands vertical- ly, and perfectly encases the fundamentas. This process is easiest if someone holds the work for you as you manipulate the tools and a hammer.

This will make the unham- mered area appear raised. Staples and Tabs We commonly think of staples as squarish bits of fine wire that pop out of a dispenser we keep in fundamentalls desk drawer. Leanne rated it really liked it Dec 13, Prepare the face by using files, sandpaper and a leather stick as described in Chap- ter 5.

In addi- tion, there are creative ways to combine the really pricey goods fundamentsls with less costly metals like silver or copper.