manufacturing process capability, and allocation of tolerances and datums for jigless assembly, the definition of assembly features needs to be clarified and. Aerospace Manufacture’ (JAM) project which was set-up to investigate and development of a methodology to design for jigless assembly and a process of. Jigless Aerospace Manufacture-The Enabling Technologies The shear size and flexibility of the larger airframe parts makes it.

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Offline programming means that the robots are programmed in a computer environment without disturbing the process. Offline programmimg Offline programming means that the robots are programmed in a computer environment without disturbing the process.

Maximum manufacturing flexibility also requires the fast creation of programs when the robots weld a new item. Sch of Industrial and Manufacturing Scie. The industrial and scientific breakthrough objectives of the project were:. In particular, DATAFORM aspired to enable rapid, manufzcturing and cost-effective forming of skin panels in aircrafts with digitally adjustable multi-point tooling.

The research seeks to develop methodologies, software tools, and to exploit technological manufadturing in robotic and measurement technology to build an environment for enabling jigless assembly of Aerostructures. Volvo Construction Equipment is at the forefront of this development and is now investing in a pilot project that will streamline the production of low volume items and reduce production costs.

There, Delfoi Robotics’s offline programming system plays a key role. He added that the market trends indicated a global need for a cost-effective, flexible, multirole, armed reconnaissance aircraft.


Volvo CE invest in Smart Manufacturing in a new pilot project

It was the aim of DATAFORM to empower the tooling technology with a clear focus on industrial use for aeronautics, and to drive the rapid development of flexible tooling in manufacturing leading to new processes and immediate industrial exploitation. Potential use in non-academic contexts. Two prototypes of dieless stretch forming tooling and jigless positioning tooling with punch matrices were developed.

Paramount Group had jigleds invested in one of only two of the computer measuring machine facilities in the world for its manufacturing process.

Delfoi Robotics Delfoi Planner. This will lead to the development of an adjustable multi-point tooling compositing punch matrices to replace the solid dies or hard tooling.

Urban logistic systems face great challenges: South African aerospace company Aerosud was subcontracted by Ahrlac Holdings to develop jiglss aircraft, which Potgieter noted was designed to meet the diverse needs of homeland security, such as airborne jigleas electronic surveillance, and advanced combat training.

Summary on Grant Application Form.

Volvo CE invest in Smart Manufacturing in a new pilot project

The flight test programme represents the culmination of all our efforts, which makes it an extremely exciting phase to be part of. Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track.

Delfoi develops, markets and supports Industry 4. To subscribe email subscriptions creamermedia.

SA-designed and -built aircraft enters test phase

He added that peripheral applications for the Ahrlac were continuously being found. Sectors submitted by the Researcher.


The Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft Ahrlac is a compact twin-boom, single-engine surveillance and light-strike aircraft for a tandem-seated crew of two people. Delfoi Delfoi develops, markets and supports Industry 4. A locally designed and built aircraft has entered the ground-testing phase at Wonderboom Airport, in Pretoria, marking a significant milestone for South Africa-based defence solutions business Paramount Group.

These production aspects included composite stations, machining from billets and sheet metal, manufacturing of most of the visible wing and tail parts, as well as protoshop and pipe bending. The work involves definition of the role of tooling within the assembly environment and the inter-relationships between product design, manufacture and assembly characteristics. The optimization involves introducing “jigless ” welding in production, i. Manufacturing machines for Ahrlac were already on site at the Aerosud Innovation and Training Centre, in Centurion, where the production of the aircraft would take place.

System scenarios Automated driving in passenger mobility. This will lead to the realisation of rapid dieless forming of skin panels jitless to the accurate jigless fabrication of panel structures in aviation. Paramount Group executive chairperson Ivor Ichikowitz said the project was an excellent reflection manufacturinng the capabilities of the South African engineering fraternity.