( × pixels, file size: 41 KB, MIME type: segreti del corpo umano secondo il mistico tedesco Johann Georg Gichtel. Johann Georg Gichtel is the author of Theosophia Practica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Theosophia practica ( avg rating, 1. Johann Georg Gichtel, (born May 4/14, , Imperial Free City of He synthesized his teaching in Theosophia Practica (–22; “Practical Theosophy ”).

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If Lucifer in Heaven and Glchtel in the Paradise had observed this, it would remain an Angel, and this man heavenly. Everything is reduced to turning our souls, to direct our lust inwardly, to desire God, and not to cease until the dear Sophia with the Holy Ghost meets the desire of our soul and conducts it gradually.

Or it may rest from her spiritual fatigues and satiate its painful hunger, so that the Will of God may act in it, as has been explained in detail in paragraphs So someone inexperienced needs more gichttel because has to be helped by analogies.

It takes another eye to recognize the poor Christian. These three principles or worlds were in balance with Adam; the dark world is in the Fire, and the Fire is hidden in the Light. It is your own irritable, creaturely Will that makes you perverse and damnable and not God; it is she creaturely Will who makes you walk and act according to her laws, which makes you disobedient to the Spirit of God and prevents you from being the betrothed to the celestial SOPHIA.

Johann Georg Gichtel – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

I described in the fifth chapter the combat of Michael and the Dragon, what it is, how it takes place in creation by the separation of the will moved in many opposing wills; I also added and explained what tests the Son of the Virgin must undergo until it is established in spiritual marriage. He seeks only the Kingdom of God, not caring for his food, not seeking treasures; he cares little about what he eats and drinks, and about his clothing, although he is in charge of a terrestrial body, like men.


Who will punish and convince this egoistic god? Who has ear to hear, let him hear.

Theosophia Practica by Gitchel

I write to warn those who walk merrily johahn the Lord, but have not yet fought. A fool despises it, but a sage holds it in high esteem; the entire terrestrial Mammon is mud in front of it. All three of them produced a spirit of heavenly joy in the Temperament; and Paradise has manifested itself as the home of the celestial Sophia. This is why we notice in so many of the dying, such great anguish and fear of the dark abyss. Because man is, practicaa now, his own craftsman; he can place his desires in himself, as selfhood, or in the unity of God according to equanimity; and is accepted by Anger or by Love.

File:Theosophia Practica – Gichtel.jpg

This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. And if you receive it in your heart, and if your soul is lit, be very careful not to let it extinguish, or to let it devour, because the Devil is hungry. Retrieved from ” https: For the poor of Christ theosophua the faithful Christians who are poor only for the love of their Master, and who value this poverty more than all the treasures of the world.

Let the dear reader take this in Love; that he uses it and thanks God, from Whom I have received it and has the adorable love of Whom I recommend to the reader, through Christian prayer.

How it laments, how it cries and how it sobs! For he had both TINCTURES in him, was a male virgin, dressed in wisdom and intelligence, reigning over fish, birds, and animals, who could give each one a name, according to its property, as the story goes: We serve the Devil under a beautiful cloak of foresight, wisdom and piety; we will not hear the heart of the truth, we do not call darkness uohann darkness, so that it does not happen to us what the proverb popular saying?

God makes him understand by illuminating him, that his own will is that dragon of fire of which Apocalypse 12 speaks of, against which the man must battle by the strength of Jesus.

theoslphia The story of Paul in Damascus shows us how he was blinded by the brightness of the body of Christ. When the soul turns back internally as the prodigal son, and begins to want to return to the house of his Father, it does not have the strength to leave.


Artwork redone and rejuvenated by Brother Stephen Murtaugh Secondly, the unenlightened soul will find even a stone upon its path, if it believes that in the regenerated inner man the middle PRINCIPLE is that of the Light; we see in the corresponding figure that the igneous world is the center and the point of separation between the external temporal nature and the eternal interior nature.

Where are such Christians, asks reason? By nature, we are all children of wrath, although we have been baptized in the death of Christ. If I had been faithful! I will, however, caution the reader against two difficult temptations, which have caused many to fall before my eyes. This time of pain is not worthy of the magnificence that must be given to the children of God. It is Satan, the ancient serpent, in the heart of our first parents, and that accordingly our adorable Savior, who is our spirit and life, calls the priest of falsehood John 8: Just as Evil or bad will is the cause of the goodwill and desire of the latter to return and to enter its origin, that is to say in God since what is good in itself and does not suffer, does not desire anything, because he does not know what he lacks in himself or out of himself.

Johann Georg Gichtel | German mystic |

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. It results in a separation of the Will of Love unique in many bitter wills; as happened to Heaven with the angels, until finally Tjeosophia was precipitated with his Legions from Light into the Darkness.

You are at this time your own artisan.