John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Paperback: pages; Publisher: Non-Duality Press; Revised edition. Shining in Plain View [John Wheeler, Non-Duality Press] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler attracts a growing audience of. Posts about John Wheeler written by Non-Duality America.

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This is fully realized and complete right now. They don’t mean anything about you at all. Non-Duality America We hope you enjoy our vision! Ultimately, you have no control over the mind states, so let them be.

No Person John Wheeler. Sitting with John, we are concerned with one thing: There is literally nothing you need to do or practice. Unknown May 24, at 5: There are countless other nonduality pointing peeps in the world, so there’s no shortage. Two Mondays per month, 7: Who is pulling away? I found this profound and wanted to find more information by John, this I went searching and found his blog. And one of the nonduality links, Urban Guru Magazine, seems to have been taken over by an escort site advertising sexy girls, lol.

No Person – John Wheeler

Nonvuality there is the apparent sense of suffering due to fixation on the false idea. In the spring of after some brief email exchanges with John Rodney recognized his own radiant and ever-present clarity. There is no person in the machine whose attention, lack of attention, competence or whatever is a critical factor in understanding your true nature. But who is the one who is going to try to be wholehearted and fully involved? Instead of getting wrapped up in the states and doing this or that, question who is the one who imagines that the states and actions are so important.


John Wheeler – Centerless Center

But no, all seeking has stopped; and if I were praying, it would be for thanks, not supplication. My secret place is in one of the five gardens that are located to the rear of one of the nonduaoity. A Vastness All Around: They were always fun and a nice experience.

With the emphasis off of the nondkality and the conceptual story, you will be much more present, because there is no filter.

You are always what you are, presence-awareness. Living, perceiving and feeling are happening full on all the time, without reference to the mind at all. It is going into the mind and thoughts that is the pulling away from life as it is happening.

I sit on a bench in front of the gun-metal, three-dish fountain its steady murmurs formed by a thin eheeler of water.

Here is an archived site of John’s from the internet wayback machine. The downside of losing interest in the story is that the mind can misinterpret this as a pulling away from or aversion to activity.


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Return to list of topics in Discourses by Teachers and Writers. With the emphasis off of thought, which is just a small slice of everything going on, you are more fully alive and present with what is.

This idea subtly keeps the idea of a person going. It is perfectly whole and complete now. The real clarity comes from seeing the absence of the person.

Question that till jobn see that there is no separate person there. Meetings are every Thursday, unless otherwise noted here. Advaita for the 21 st Century. There is just the simple sitting with the wafts of rosemary and the soft gurgles of water. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! There is a logic to it that you can confirm by direct experience.

Even when this happens, it does not in fact change what you really are. In this book he gathers essays, dialogues, and interviews that point to our natural and immediate state.