Josquin des Pres: I started playing Fretless Bass at the age of 20, this was back Josquin des Pres: I friend had pull out the frets on his Gibson EB2 and he then. Simplified Sight-Reading for Bass. +. Jon Liebman: Bass Aerobics (Book/Online Audio) (Includes Online Access Code. +. Music Theory for the Bass Player: A. La Bernardina (Josquin Desprez) . Alternative. Title. Composer, Josquin Desprez. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IJ Language, French. Composer Time.

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Josquin Des Pres (20th century musician) – Wikipedia

We were less than miles from both the Spanish and Italian borders. Are you still actively playing fretless bass?

Which do you prefer? Fretless Questions, player bio, photos, videos, music, and more.

Fretless Questions, player bio, photos, videos, music, and more Josquin des Pres playing fretless bass Fretless Questions: Songwriters Hall of Fame. Yes, it took some guts and some risks. My father had an enormous record collection. Additionally, I still write songs, produce and program tracks for a variety of up-and-coming pop artists, anything from Americana, pop-rock to dance to dubstep.

Aroundas I was switching more from being a bass player to a producer and songwriter, I felt the need to stay connected to the bass. Bernie writes the words first and then the music comes second, pretty much like he does with Elton or anyone else.

Finally, Jaco Pastorius blew my brain to pieces!


La Bernardina (Josquin Desprez) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Practice groove, melody and intonation. What was your very first fretless bass? Over the last 4 decades, Josquin des Pres has produced CDs for major and independent labels, written songs for major and independent artists and as a bass player, Josquin Des Pres has recorded and shared credits with studio musicians.

I just became a working musician, playing the club scene, doing sessions, producing, basically anything I could get hired for.

I was born in St. Click here to subscribe. I used to have a very effective yet unconventional practice method… I used to sit in front of TV and play melodies to movie soundtracks for hours, it helped my melodic approach and intonation tremendously.

What bands or projects feature you playing fretless bass? I just enjoy making things happen. Josquin Des Pres born Josquin Turenne Des Pres is a 20th-century French-born American composer, bassist, author, producer, songwriter and most known for his contributions to music media books for Hal Leonard Corporation and Mel Bay instructional music books. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ZIP typeset dess Arnold den Teul You josqun the old saying: It has been an extraordinary experience.

Josquin des Pres

I have yet to do a solo project. The radio airwaves were a melting pot of French, Flamenco, Spanish and Italian music. Josquin des Pres FB: Contents 1 Basw 1. His lyrics sing right off the paper.

Do you have websites or social media sites you would like to share? When Gass arrived in L. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. These file bqss are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.


How about the future? What would you say is unique about your fretless style? I like an ebony fingerboard on the acoustic and boat resin on the electric. Previous Interview Dec 17 Reid Anderson.

At what point did your career begin to take off?

Basss, I wish I could have been a novelist, but I did not have that sort of creative imagination. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Being a studio musician and record producer for over baxs years I have played on more projects then I could ever remember. Landing the opportunity to collaborate with someone who has created this incredible body of work has been a blessing that helped take my career and skills to a whole new level.

Needless to day, I was very honored to be asked.

Interview – Josquin des Pres

Tell me about your experience with Bernie Taupin. The music scene was extremely vivacious back then. Sixteen altogether, totaling overcopies sold to date. I am not as much of a bass acrobat as some fretless players are… Since I am a pop music producer and player I focus more on bringing out the tone and melodic possibilities of this amazing instrument.