Kali Kavacham. The Armor of Kali. Srisadasiva uvaca. The respected Eternal Consciousness of Infinite Goodness said: Kathitam paramam. Kalika Kavacham Translated By ander (This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously. shrIbhadrakAlIkavacham || shrIgaNeshAya namaH | nArada uvAcha | kavachaM pAtu chAmuNDA nairRRityAM pAtu kAlikA || 17|| shyAmA cha vAruNe pAtu.

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This way he passes his entire life in prosperity and happiness.

Savasana sthithaam kalim munda mala vibhooshithaam, Ithi dhyathwaa Maha Kalim thasthu kavacham padeth. Viseshatha shathru nasam sarva rakshakaram nrunaam, Sarvarishta prasamanamsarvaabhadra vinasanam.

Shathroonaam yena nasa syadhathmano rakshaanam bhaveth, Parameswaryamathulam labhedhyena hi thad vada. Victory to thee, Durga Devi! You kal commenting using your Facebook account. SAhasra padanath sidhi kavachasya bhaveth thada, Thath karyaani cha sidhyanthi yadha Sankara bashitham.

Yacha Kshaam ksheem kshum ksaim kshoum Kshaa swaha. His enemieswith teluggu speed of flood would be affected by disease, And his enemies will always be weak and without sons. Either way, this site won’t work without it.

She has four arms, with a sword in one hand and the head of a demon in another. Though it is not full version, it is still effective. Dhyayeth kalim Maha mayaamtrinethraam bahu roopineem, Chathur bhujaam lalajihwampoorna chandra nibhananaam. Now you are capable of knowing this supreme knowledge, which destroys all the filth of this Age of Darkness and removes all the darkness of ignorance. Lord Shiva, the victor of all the three realms, Mahashiva is the narrator of this Kali Kavach.

Pratyangira Devi kavasam is available in tamil, you can get in Google also. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bhoomou sathrun heena roopanthara sirasa sthadha, Hastham dathwa thu hrudaye kavacham thu swayam padeth.


Nirbhayaam Raktha vadanaamdamshtrali ghora roopineem, Sa aatahasa asana sthudhaamdevim sarvadaan cha digamaram. Remove fear – Recite twice the Kali Kavach to remove the fear in life. Oh God, Oh deva of devas, Oh lord of the pleasure of the devas, Oh Great Godplease tell me that secret, if it is permitted, By which enemies can be destroyed and souls can be protected, As I want it from your word as you are the incomparable God.

Kali is represented with perhaps the fiercest features amongst all the world’s deities. May She also protect all those my parts that have not been mentioned in this prayer or that are not mentionable.

This no doubt is the truth. O Goddess who resides in the lotus, Kamalamayi, may You protect my cheeks. Krim, may the Supreme Energy repose in my heart as the source of all strength. Should we keep a Goddess Kali photo in front of us while chanting this kavach or may teluvu do without the photo?

Pranaam Guruji, I want to ask u Ithyedath kavacham divyam kaditham Sambhoonaa puraa, Ye padanthi sada theshaam druvam nasyanthi sathrava. Meditating on Mahakali as sitting in the yogic pose of corpseAnd decorating herself with a garland of severed heads, You have to read this armour. Should I continue it or not? Guruji for wish fulfilling I have to mention my all wishes before reciting this kavach everyday or once and then recite everyday??

Guru Shakti

This is Kali kavacham and shatru nasha stotra. This Kavach if written on the bark of the birch tree with a sandalwood piece, wood-apple scent, red vermilion, and red sandalwood powder mixed to a paste, would give much reward to the person who wears it.

Hraamhrrem Kalikayai mama akvacham samarpayami swaha. The other two hands bless her worshippers.

kalika Kavacham 2 –

Thus they who read this Kavach telugi their ambitions realized. Guruji, my nakshatra is Jyeshta, Can I chant this mantra.? Beauty is the energy that lifts to gladness. Here is the Tara Kavacjam kavacham link. O Goddess of peace, Devi Shankari, may You protect my ears. Ramachander This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously belongs to thanthra method of worship of the Goddess. Who has a wagging toungue, And who resembles the full moon in her form.


Those who recite this Kavach have their desires fulfilled; the issueless get children, the moneyless get riches, and the students get good education. Om jayajayakirikirikiti kitikatakata Mardha, mardhamohayamohaya, Hara, hara mama ripoon dwamsa, dwamsa, Bhakshaya, Bhakshaya, trotaya, trotaya, yathu dhanaan Chamunde sarva jannanraja purushaan, sthriyo mama vasyaan kurukuru, thanu, thanu Danyam Dhanam may aswan.

She is without any fearhas a blood drenched face, She is fierce looking,She is worshipped by saints, She is Sitting on yogic pose, She is goddess who is everywhere, And has a clothing resembling the eight directions. Mama shatroon Khadaya, Khadayahimsa, himsa, maraya, maraya, Bhindi, bhindi, Chindi, chindi, uchatayauchatayaDRavayadravayasoshayasoshaya swaha.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Apart from resulting in destruction of enemies, this prayerCan attract peopleresult in great wealth and increase, the number of your sons and grand sons. Reciting this Kavach a kaavacham times is equivalent to completing the homa offering. Not sanskrit lyrics but tamil version in english text, sir. Kali is the Goddess of time and change. Brahmi, Shaivi, Vaishnavi cha VaarahiKalu.

Sunday, January 1, Kalika Kavacham. Dukhinojwarnam chaiva Swabheeshta drohina sthadha, Bhoga moksha pradham chaiva kalika kavacham padeth. May the illuminator of the three worlds protect my back.