Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. THE Koran admittedly occupies an important position among the great . notes, ; Translation by J. M. Rodwell, with notes and index (the Suras arranged in. The Koran (Dover Thrift Editions) [J. M. Rodwell, G. Margoliouth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the sacred book of Islam, the Koran.

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A chronological surah order makes the text easier to understand by providing the reader a linear historical flow that is not present in the traditional surah order. The absence of the historical element from the Koran as regards the details of Muhammad’s daily life, may be judged of by the fact, that only two of his contemporaries are mentioned in the entire volume, rodwfll that Muhammad’s name occurs but five times, although he is all the way through addressed by the Angel Gabriel as the recipient of the divine revelations, with the word SAY.

It is quite possible that Muhammad himself, in a later period of his career, designedly mixed up later with earlier revelations in the same Suras not for the sake of producing that mysterious style which seems so pleasing to the mind of those who value truth least when it is most clear and rowell but for the purpose of softening down some of the earlier statements which represent the last hour and awful judgment as imminent; and thus leading his followers to continue still in the attitude of expectation, and to see in his later successes the truth of his earlier predictions.

Sale has, however, followed Maracci too closely, especially by introducing his paraphrastic comments into the body of the text, as well as by his constant use of Latinised instead of Saxon words.

The people of Mecca spoke openly and tauntingly of it as the work of a poet, as a collection of antiquated or fabulous legends, or as palpable sorcery. John Rodwell was roddell rector of St Ethelburga’s church in London.

The Koran (Al-Qur’an) by J. M. Rodwell – Free Ebook

This verse appears as the 84th chapter and situated between verses marked 90 and ] Rodwell’s Sura Index Table Sura Number this Edition.

Chiefly from Sale’s edition, by E. Weil in the work just mentioned; by Mr. Because the suras are chronologically ordered, there is an index, i.

We are todwell in touch with an untutored but fervent mind, trying to realise itself and to assimilate certain great truths which have been powerfully borne in upon him, in order to impart them in a convincing form to his fellow-tribesmen.

Edinburgh University Press, The Koran enjoys the distinction of having been the starting-point of a new literary and philosophical movement which has powerfully affected the finest and most cultivated minds among both Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages. It would be impossible, and indeed it is unnecessary, to attempt a detailed life of Muhammad within the narrow limits of a Preface.

There is a unity of thought, a directness and simplicity of purpose, a peculiar and laboured style, a uniformity of diction, coupled with a certain deficiency of imaginative power, which proves the ayats signs or verses of the Koran at least to be the product of a single pen.


This book has stood the test of time and research and remains a standard reference work today. The translations with lengthy historical introductions are primarily the ones that either specifically cite or allude to the Rodwell translation.

The Koran (Rodwell)

And not only were several Arab tribes in the neighbourhood of Mecca converts to the Christian faith, but on two occasions Muhammad had travelled with his uncle, Abu Talib, as far as Bostra, where he must have had opportunities of learning the general outlines of Oriental Christian doctrine, and perhaps of witnessing the ceremonial of their worship. Burton’s version of the Fatthah, or opening chapter of previous editions. We must, in order to do him justice, give full consideration to his temperament and to the condition of things around him.

Copies of the text formed were thus forwarded to several of the chief military stations in the new empire, and all previously existing copies were committed to the flames. It would seem as if Zaid had to a great extent put his materials together just as they came to hand, and often with entire disregard to continuity of subject and uniformity of style.

The Koran, even if viewed from the point of view of style alone, was to them from the first nothing less than a miracle, as great a miracle as ever was wrought. It may be considered quite certain that it was not customary to reduce to writing any traditions concerning Muhammad himself for at least the greater part of a century.

John Medows Rodwell – Wikipedia

In its finest passages we indeed seem to hear a voice akin to that of the ancient Hebrew prophets, but there is much in the book which Europeans usually regard as faulty. If any one of you taketh them for his friends, he surely is one of them! But of those who plot is God the best. Jews, Christians and Sabeites, is sometimes retained, sometimes paraphrased. But to return to our own view of the case. At the same time, he was probably, more korab less, throughout his whole career, the victim of a certain amount of self-deception.

In this treatise, the Hanyfs are termed Sabeites, and said to have received the Volumes Sohof or Books of Abraham, mentioned in Sura lxxxvii.

His last comments are directed against the translation of George Sale. Learning he has none, or next kodan none. The correct view very probably lies between the two extremes.

John Medows Rodwell

Abulfeda Life of Muhammad, p. I have nowhere attempted to represent the rhymes of the original. Make war upon such of those to whom korzn Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled.

From the latter, and perhaps from other Christians, especially slaves naturalised at Mecca, Muhammad obtained access to the teaching of the Apocryphal Gospels, and to many popular traditions of which roodwell Gospels are the concrete expression. But to Sale’s “Preliminary Discourse” the reader is referred, as to a storehouse of valuable information; as well as to the works of Geiger, Gerock, and Freytag, and to the lives of Muhammad by Dr. He died on 7th June The eulogy pronounced by Carlyle on Muhammed in Heroes and Hero Worship will probably be endorsed by not a few at the present day.


It would indeed be difficult to find another case in which there is such a complete identity between the literary work and the mind of the man who produced it. This general progress of the Muhammedan world has somehow been arrested, but research has shown that what European scholars knew of Greek philosophy, of mathematics, astronomy, and like sciences, for several centuries before the Renaissance, was, roughly speaking, all derived from Latin treatises ultimately based on Arabic originals; and it was the Koran which, though indirectly, gave the first impetus to these studies among the Arabs and their allies.

Yet certain it is, that, although their testimony against Muhammad was speedily silenced, the Koreisch knew enough of his private history to disbelieve and to disprove his pretensions of being the recipient of a divine revelation, and that they accused him of writing from the dictation of teachers morning and evening. Rodell Sacred Books of the East2nd ed. The contrast between the earlier, middle, and later Suras is very striking and interesting, and will be rocwell once apparent from the arrangement here adopted.

Lane, ; revised and enlarged with introduction by S. His flight hijra to Medina, which marks the beginning of the Mohammedan era, took place on 16th June The more brief and poetical verses of the earlier Suras are translated with a freedom from which I have altogether abstained in the historical and prosaic portions; but I have endeavoured nowhere to use a greater amount of paraphrase than is necessary to convey the sense of the original.

With regard to the first-named criterion, there is a growing rdwell among students of religious history that Kodan may kodan a real sense be regarded as a prophet of certain truths, though by no means of truth in the absolute meaning of the term. While, however, there is no great difficulty in ascertaining the Suras which stand in connection with the more salient features of Muhammad’s life, it is a much more arduous, and often impracticable task, to point out the precise events to which individual verses refer, and out of which they sprung.

It is true that the state of Arabia previous to the time of Muhammad was one of preparedness for a new religion that the scattered elements were there, and wanted only the mind of a master to harmonise and enforce them and that Islam was, so to speak, a necessity of the time. And the Jews plotted, and God plotted: The passages of this kind, with which the Koran abounds, result from Muhammad’s general acquaintance with Scriptural phraseology, partly through the popular legends, partly from personal intercourse with Jews and Christians.

For instance, the Rodwrll words which mean Companions of the fire, are also rendered inmates of, etc. It is composed entirely of traditions. It is, however, curious to compare such passages as Deut.