Today I received an uncommon English translation of a Kuji Goshin Ho manual, along with the Japanese text in traditional Japanese sutra style. 05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho. This vid is about the Kuji and Haya Kuji in a traditional way. More information. Saved by. ღ Slavica Juric ღ. Kuji Goshin Ho (九字護身法) is in essence a ritual ceremony of spiritual self protection that employs Kuji Kiri and Kuji In to call upon the strongest spirits in the .

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Second Life Marketplace – Kuji-practice board – Protect yourself from evil energy!

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Sponsored links Buy land in Second Life In Second Life, you can reside in a place that is as unique and special as you are. Mantra is, On aganaya in maya sowaka. Head shake Head bobble Nod.

Kuji-in – Wikipedia

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. Retrieved 27 June All or part of the Goshiin name or store name. Reviews XX Write a review! The dualistic influence of inyogoku yin yang dualism is apparent only in respects to the mudra of certain kuji rituals.

Kuji-kiri is explained in Shugendo texts, quite correctly, as a preparatory ritual of protection, to cut off demonic influences and their inki vital substance Waterhouse, Warrior Ways of EnlightenmentStephen K. Be wise, live long and prosper. He came before the Buddha together with them and addressed the Buddha with his palms pressed together, saying: Mantra is, On irotahi chanoga jiba tai sowaka.


I want to be nowhere near you, because a great cosmic and karmic boom is about to be leveled upon you. If you need goehin services, please consult a qualified, licensed professional.

As stated earlier the kuji in and of itself is a simple prayer. The related practice of making nine cuts— five horizontal and four vertical, alternating — in the gshin or palm of a hand with the finger or on paper with a brush is known as kujikirinine syllable cuts.

There are numerous variations of the nine original Taoist kuji in Japanese Buddhism. Please improve this article by removing less relevant or redundant publications with the same point of view ; or by incorporating the relevant publications into the body of the article through appropriate citations.

In addition, there are some related rituals, including an early rising ritual with an accompanying prayer. Details Features Contents Reviews 0 Details This is a picture kuki Kuji-kiri cuttin through nine symbolic signs with the 2 fingers of your right hand as a spiritual sword for practicing purpose, an art of chasing away evil voshin from your vicinity and obtain spiritual protection. Kuji-kiri – Kuji Kiri “nine symbolic cuts” is found today in Shugendo the religion of Japanese Mountain Priests, ShugenjaShingon Mikkyo an esoteric Buddhist sect and many old and traditional schools “ryuha” of Japanese martial arts including but not exclusive to schools that have ties with Ninjutsu.

The document gives no other information as to why this arrangement is used.

Kuji-practice board – Protect yourself from evil energy!

Here is more information on how and when to use these. Furthermore, a mudra may have more than one name, or one association depending on its purpose. Goahin Japanese folk-magic and onmyodothe nine cuts are often made over writing or a picture, to gain control of the object named or pictured.


As it should be apparent, the kuji are a very adaptable ritual which has, and will likely continue to be, adapted to the local needs of the individual or gishin. To enter a famous mountain, hk an opening day, which can kuui determined by its cyclical binary.

The kuji-in are used in a number of their meditations, both those related simply to their religious practice and those dealing with their martial arts; in some ways, they are used similarly to the Taoist ideas in Chinese internal martial arts some of the ideas of Chinese internal arts are, however, incorporated in many Japanese arts, including ninjutsu and jujutsu.

I invite other practitioners to join in, as well as those with a curiousity in this sacred art.

Hang silk of the five colors, each piece five inches wide, from a large rock, so that you may be sure to succeed in your goal. According to the Baopuzi, the kuji is a prayer to avert difficulties and baleful influences and to ensure things proceed without difficulty.