This page lists all sheet music of La blanche neige (No. 1 from Sept Chansons) by Francis Poulenc (). La Blanche Neige (SSAATTBB a cappella). Poulenc, Francis; Sept Chansons ( Seven Songs): 1. La Blanche Neige $ Cdn Perusal copy in ( wks to order . Translations of 7 chansons. – La blanche neige. The White Snow -. FRENCH: Translations of text. ENGLISH: Translations of text. GERMAN: Translations of text.

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Faultlessly cultivated Earth Honey of dawn sun in flower Runner clutching by a thread onto the sleeper Tied by understanding And throwing him over his shoulder He has never been so new He has never been so heavy Worn he pohlenc become lighter Useful Bright sun of summer with Its warmth its softness its stillness And quickly The flower-carriers of the air touch the ground.

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Quem vidistis pastores dicite – III. Instruments are normally dispatched within one working day by secure courier. The masques are silent And the music is so far off That it seems to come from the heavens Yes I want to love you but to love only just And my pain is a pleasure.

Mon blanchr est doux comme un gant – V.

Un soir de neige, chamber cantata for 6 voices (or chorus), FP 126

I La blanche neige Poulenc The Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal. Jazz And Pop Choir Series.


At the moment when these qualities merge into one, the group develops still further, and the ensemble attains a higher elevation. Some of the most accurate, most perfectly tuned performances available to date have been from the crack British professional choirs, like The Sixteen. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. The Accentus Choir sound as though they’ve been modelled on the best of British, but they’re French with a capital ‘rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’, the accent’s authentic, and you can feel the depth of their understanding of these texts by Eluard and Apollinaire.

7 Chansons – La Blanche Neige from Francis Poulenc | buy now in Stretta sheet music shop

Alto, neuge, and bass then comment on the orderliness of nature, but the entire chorus contrasts this with the incongruous presence of the wanderer, over a series of disparate chords that at the same time mark neive return to the opening melody, a modified AABA form, characteristic of Poulenc and of this set. The B section provides a welcome warm contrast over a bass pedal, but the return of the A section in part proves this to be fleeting.

Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. Introspection Late Night Partying. Are you a Teacher? We only list instruments we normally carry in stock.

The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that neihe have the very best experience. La Petite Fille sage – II. Gramophone Ribbons of joy fly brightly through the Gloria and Sanctus of the Mass from Le Mendiant – V.

Jouer du bugle – II. Le Retour du sergent.

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La Sauterelle – IV. VI Le jour m? You danced as a little girl Will you dance there as a grandmother Clappers rebounding All the bells will ring When will you return Marie The masques are silent And the music is so far off That it seems to come from the heavens Yes I want to love you but to love only just And my pain is a pleasure The ewes go by in the snow Specks of wool and some of silver Soldiers pass by and if only I had A heart in me this heart changes Changes and how do I know Do I know where your hair will go Curly as the flecked sea Do I know where you hair will go And your hands like autumn leaves Also scattered by our promises I was walking by the Seine An old book under my arm The river is like my pain It flows and does not dry up When will the week end When will you return Marie.

  ABB C573 PDF

Reine des mouettes – II.

Couplets bachiques – VI. En voiture – VIII.

VI Marie Poulenc A face at the end of the day A cradle in the dead leaves of the day A clutch of naked rain The whole sun hidden Every last well-spring beneath the water Every last mirror broken A face ndige the balance of silence A pebble among other pebbles For the slings of the last glimmers of day A face similar to all blanvhe faces No 6: Choeurs a Cappella by Francis Poulenc. Le Squelette de la mer.