Bendroji Psichologija Kurso Aprasymas – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Psichologijos įvadas. pateikimas užskaitymui dviejuose ar daugiau skirtingų kursų. užduoties ar egzaminų lapo. 4 Meidus L. Sporto psichologija. Vilnius: Vilniaus 20 Malinauskas R. Sporto psichologijos pagrindai. Kaunas 25 Lapė J., Navikas G. Psichologijos įvadas. social (Neįgaliųjų asmenų mokymas, ; Lapė and Navikas, ). Motive factors are urges, needs, . 7. Lapė, J., Navikas, G. Psichologijos įvadas.

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Summary The article deals with the issue of the expectations of the freshmen psychology students regarding the possible impact of the studies on their personal and professional life. Franko – g, o I.

Although the connection between executive function and theory of mind development is well documented, little is known about the nature and direction of this connection. Explanations for this phenomenon favour either early bottom-up processes or higher-level top-down processes.

Myers. .Socialine.psichologija.2008.LT

The exploratory factor analysis was applied to the I-S-T R basic module scores of intellectually gifted students to evaluate the validity I-S-T R for this population. Clinicians have to take their own responsibility for selecting what is best for a particular client; however, practitioners also need to make decisions based on what science shows to be the most effective treatment.

The complete data about 66 women are analyzed in this article. In the area of qualitative changes in the relationships, it is worth to distinguish changes in the relationship with the relative one: Therefore, the purpose of this study is to construct a Lithuanian psychological empowerment questionnaire and to evaluate its psychometric properties reliability and validity.


The aim of this review paper is to discuss the main findings, new trends and unanswered questions associated with developmental research in executive function, hoping this will stimulate Lithuanian psychologists become more involved in the field.

These boys also show a lower capacity for emotional investment in relationships and moral standards, an impaired understanding of social causality. The results indicate that almost all variables of our research are intercorrelated at a statistically significant level. Pssichologijos whose body mass index is higher are more inclined to watch their weight, diet or in any other way avoid weight gain. Our goal was to explore how this subjective expansion changes while moving away from the centre of the retina, because there are no data on this, phenomenon.

Some students have unrealistic expectations regarding the possibility ivada separate personal and professional life. Implicit detection of change: In this study, a repertory grid of 11 elements five versions of oneself and six elements of other people was presented to 20 female subjects suffering from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, and 20 matched control subjects.

Article covers how psychology could benefit from using GT as research methodology, especially in fields where studies are just starting and there are no clear findings. Most often, the extremum point is observed when the line size is 7 deg.

Maternal depression was measured with the Edinburgh postnatal depression scale Cox et al. Dar viena prielaida atsirasti psichologijos mokslui – gamtos mokslai medicina, fiziologija, biologija. Differences were also found between age and gender. The stronger concern about the illness was related to a better treatment control perception. A correlation between the four-factor coping with stress questionnaire and the COPE questionnaire was also assessed.


Lapė, J. (Juvencijus) [WorldCat Identities]

Recent data have revealed that there are already are over 1 million Facebook users in Lithuania; one-fifth of Facebook users consists of adolescents 13—17 years old. These subjects expressed statistically significantly more adolescent and actual distrust in mother representations. Kokie mano gilieji poreikiai?

We state that neutralizations are the interpretation process in the second step of the social information processing model. Therefore, the aim of this study was to consider the attitudinal body image not in total, but in its different components and their relationship to gender, age and marital status.

The survey, performed in the period of —, revealed some peculiarities of social competence of Lithuanian students. In addition, alcohol and drug use was considered as one of the suicide methods. What does this understanding mean to you? Besides, a high correlation between cohesion and team trust was revealed, which indicates the multicollinearity problem between these two variables.

The implications and limitations of the findings, the implications for practice and research are discussed. Finally, limitations of the study are discussed. We psichologijjos the Comprehensive Meta-Analysis V2 software program and applied the guidelines for psychometric meta-analysis.

Stanford – Binet teste buvo matuojami keturi intelekto rodikliai: Tokias alternatyvias mokymosi sistemas aptaria S. The greatest count of cohesions and changes during the last decade between the place of residence city, town or a village of students and various factors of social viadas were revealed.