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Iterum popter novam fidei receptionem. The latter writing deals with the persecution of conversos in the Society and will be analyzed in detail in the next chapter. It never occurred that a person was rejected because of his Jewish blood. Yet, through the water enchoridion baptism the Jews are liberated from this kind of slavery to become sons of Sarah— whose womb represents the Church Militant—and their impurity is made purer than snow Psalm So also in Christ.

The fourth cause of troubles that affected the Society was, he claims, the delegation of the Portuguese fathers who presented to the pope letters from the kings Sebastian and Philip, and the Cardinal Infant Henry, who strongly insisted that no New Christian candidate become the general of the Society, knowing that there was a risk that Polanco could be elected.

He was born in Andalusia. He accompanied Viceroy Noronha as military chaplain in his expedition to Sri Lanka in As would be the case with many future converso Jesuits, the civic aspects of ancient Roman literature, especially Cicero and Seneca, fascinated Cartagena.

Pedro de Ribadeneyra as the biographer of Ignatius of Loyola Pedro de Ribadeneyra — from Toledo was the author of the first official biography of the Jesuit founder, Ignatius of Loyola, which has had numerous editions in various languages.

He was martyred under Emperor Trajan r. In regards to the offices of government, we should be careful not to give them to these people in certain key places, especially where there is the Inquisition, or in other circumstances that may offend the eyes of those who watch us, in order to avoid offense, particularly to the illustrious inquisitors and ministers of the King [of Spain] who clearly are concerned about this issue.


The present troubles the Society suffers could have been avoided if this initial restriction on New Christians had been perpetuated.

My book has been circulated in all our provinces and read at table in many refectories, but only from Spain has come so much as a syllable of complaint. Hence memorialistas— a group of Jesuits who sent such documents to the Spanish king and Inquisition, and to the pope, which was discussed above.

None of his siblings was required to do so—they in fact hide their origins, since they are a devout practicing Catholic family. Raza in [human] lineages is understood in a bad sense, such as having within oneself some of the lineage of Moors or Jews. Its most evocative example is Judas Maccabaeus.

He departed from Ferrara on 3 September towards Loreto. On other quotations from Finus regarding the Talmud as a source of laws against Christians, see Simancas, Defensio, f.

Harvard University Press,pp. Acta colloquii Brugensis, Leuven: Received in the Society by Rodrigues inhe was sent to India, from where Xavier destined him for Pesqueria. At the beginning of August, the physicians allowed Borja to continue his journey, however. Italo-Portuguese anti-converso lobby at General Congregation This last work was written by the French Franciscan biblical scholar from the Sorbonne, Henri Mauroy, who—following the example of Cartagena and Oropesa—strongly opposed the pureza-de-sangre statutes.

Loarte, who was already fifty-six when he entered the Society and who died after twenty-four years of working mostly in Italy, became one of the most prolific, published, and translated spiritual writers of the first generation of Jesuits.

In he reached Lima, where he became superior provincial —82 and wrote important works on Amerindians. Melchor de Valpedrosa was likely the brother of Gaspar, a member of the memorialistas movement see above.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

Instituto Arias Montano, Eliano narrated in his autobiographical letter to Claudio Acquaviva, composed in Italian, many colorful details of his first mission to Cairo, where he went incognito because of the fear of Jews that prevailed there. Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu,2: Loyola University Press, p.

Who, then, oraiones believe that a story so old, so widely known, and so consistent is wholly without foundation? Arco Libros,pp.

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Why if false has no one ever taken the trouble to confute it? Before ,as departure, Borja named Nadal vicar general of the Society. After all—to the dismay of Benedetto Palmio and the Portuguese—the Spanish electors dominated the Congregation.

Given this close connection between the majority of the founding fathers of the Society of Jesus and the Iberian context, this chapter aims to provide the reader with a concise historical excursus of the complex and abundant discussion about the concept of purity of blood. I do not censure the Christian compassion, which embraces all, for, then I would be in mortal error, and I know that in the Divine presence there is no distinction between Gentile and Jew, because One alone is the Lord of all.

This time the scheme was successful—the anticonverso Italo-Portuguese lobby managed to block the election to the generalate of the converso Juan Alfonso de Polanco and—conspiring with the pope—managed to elect a candidate who was neither converso nor pro-converso.

They governed all but one Italian province the only Italian provincial was Francesco Adorno from Lombardy: For his role in the memorialistas movement, see Oracionws, Historia, 3: Polanco bore the name of his paternal dell Alfonso d. Julian opposed the violence of King Erwig against King Wamba, whose history he put in writing.