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Influence of different thawing methods on physicochemical changes and eli oxidation of porcine longissimus muscle. Water activity is a thermodynamic concept used to characterize water content.

Congelamento e descongelamento – sua influencia sobre os alimentos. Qualquer pessoa pode fazer testamento a bordo de navio, em viagem por mar, nos termos declarados nos artigos seguintes.

DECRETO Nº 6.426, DE 7 DE ABRIL DE 2008

The shear force obtained in the meat samples submitted to the different treatments ranged between 1. The highest drip loss was detected in M2 samples thawed in a microwave oven possibly due to greater protein denaturation, which lej water loss. The American Journal of the Medical Science 1 This result may be correlated with the lower drip loss and higher humidity content of those samples, indicating less protein damage, and consequently the meat was more tender and juicier.

The control of a w involves the determination of free water in the food that is directly related with microbial growth shelf life, aroma production, etc. O processo de casamento inicia-se com o requerimento para casamento nos termos das leis do registo civil. Three slides were prepared per treatment.



O achador deve anunciar o achado ou avisar as autoridades, nos termos dos n. However, in order to return as closely as possible to its fresh state, the water in meat that is released by thawing should be redistributed to the extracellular and sarcoplasmic spaces. Despite the previously mentioned factors, there is a gap in the literature reporting research on the evaluation of thawing methods and their effects on food.

Annals of Family Medicine, 8 3 Photomicrographs of the longitudinal sections of chicken muscle fibers exposed to different thawing methods.

Violence against elderly people. The mortality of elder mistreatment.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is dexembro cited. Freezing and thawing may alter both water content and distribution in meat tissues because these release the water that is immobilized and linked to protein in the intracellular spaces Leygonie et al.

Imprensa Oficial – Código Civil

On the other hand, M1 thawing in a refrigerator and M5 thawing at room temperature samples presented considerable muscle breakdown, with intracellular edema, cytoplasmic striations which did not match myofibrillar striations, but corresponded to muscle damageand irregularities in the cell periphery, and therefore significant degeneration of muscle fiber.

The results indicated that, although samples were subjected to fast freezing, thawing affected most of the physicochemical and structural properties of the meat, except for A w. It was concluded that meat quality is related dezembfo only with the freezing method applied, but also with thawing methods and conditions. Meat samples submitted to treatments M4 thawing by water immersionM2 thawing in a microwave ovenand M3 thawing in an electric oven showed well-organized, almost normal muscular structures.


In contrast with the re in the present study, Pires et al. Nos casos previstos no artigo anterior e no n.

M1 thawing in a refrigerator ; M2 thawing in a microwave oven ; M3 thawing in an electric oven ; M4 thawing by immersion in waterand M5 thawing at room temperature. However, in order to ensure the quality of the final product, appropriate thawing methods also need to be considered. Revista Brasileira de Gerontologia, 13 2 A linha diz-se recta, quando um dos parentes descende do outro; diz-se colateral, quando nenhum dos parentes descende do outro, mas ambos procedem de um progenitor comum.

O curador deve prestar contas do seu mandato perante o tribunal, anualmente ou quando este o exigir. Segundo Friedman et al.

Se ambas as coisas forem de igual valor, deve observar-se o disposto nos n. Estudos e Pes-quisas em Psicologia, 13 3 American Family Physician59 10 British Medical Journal Factors affecting the thawing characteristics and energy consumption of frozen pork tenderloin meat using high-voltage electrostatic field.

F detail of E, treatment M2: