Leninism Under Lenin has 47 ratings and 8 reviews. Paul said: Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly undogmatic fashion. Liebman is. Marcel Liebman was a historian of socialism and of communism. Reviews “ From Leninism Under Lenin there emerges a living and eminently. Leninism Under Lenin [1] is a serious and useful work. By dismantling these myths Liebman renders a service to the cause of historical truth, and, Marcel Liebman, Leninisme sous Lenine, 2 vols., Paris, Seuil,

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Once again, the intermediate link is missing. Helen Jeffries rated it it was ok Jan 29, Reads like an unintentional polemic in favor of Bonnano’s opposition to formal organization. At the end of his book Liebman attempts to give a concise definition of Stalinism.

Liebman and Leninism

Why was the Bolshevik Party in no longer this revolutionary party? There is much politics, economics and history to prove it At most one can say that this situation was pregnant with danger — as Lenin perceived almost at once. Liebman does a good job of explicating the distinction between the Bolsheviks as they existed prior to and the tremendous transformation of the party during the revolutionary period up karcel the seizure of state power in October.

Liebman asks this question: This stratification of the working class cannot but have a undeg on the rapidity and the form of its development of consciousness. By dismantling these myths Liebman renders a service to the cause of historical truth, and, consequently, to the cause of the emancipation of the working lliebman.

Jul 12, David Swanson rated it it was amazing. Bundy rated it really liked it Sep 03, But class-consciousness results, precisely, from the transcending of everything that is corporatist, narrow, partial and fragmentary in the consciousness of the working people.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Leninism maecel the theory and practice of the revolutionary conquest and wielding of power by the proletariat in the epoch of imperialism. It’s a must read for anyone. How can we avoid seeking a social explanation for upheavals that were big with such consequences?


Liebman does mention this in passing. Was Lenin right, then, against the Mensheviks and against Rosa Luxemburg in the debate of ? Lenin sensed most of these dangerous possibilities in the course of his last struggle, but he did not have at his command the only instrument by means of which he could have conquered in this struggle, namely, a Leninist Party equal to its task.

I am firmly convinced that Lenin had already modified marvel views by lehinism end ofand certainly saw things differently in Did Stalin sacrifice the interests of the international revolution to those of the Soviet state? Elliott rated it it was amazing Jun 16, They have had to follow the leadership either of the proletariat, or the capitalists — there is no middle way open to them. Bogdan rated it it was amazing Aug 25, This Institute aims to contribute to socialist thought and the study of the left, as well as a critical reflection on the practices of social movements.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is the most disappointing part of the book, the one in which all the shortcomings I have tried to bring out, so to speak, come together. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Leninism under Lenin – Marcel Liebman – Google Books

Kudos to my wife for putting up with me wanting to do nothing else but sit and absorb this in little over a week.

An historian of socialism and of communism, he published kiebman number of well known books, notably on the Russian Revolution, Leninism marcdl the history of the labour movement in Belgium. Both of them stumble when they come up against theoretical problems of decisive importance.

It was thanks to these successes that the Bolshevik workers were able to play a decisive part in the factories so early as the revolution of February Lists with This Book.

Grant Vincent rated it it was amazing Nov 07, leninjsm Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But its immediate acuteness was exaggerated: Conquest of power by the proletariat means dictatorship of the proletariat, Soviet proletarian democracy, and no longer bourgeois democracy.

Did it, in the unfer, weaken or strengthen the political armament of the international proletariat? Refresh and try again. Intermediate links prove to have been decisive in accounting for this change-which has, moreover, shown itself fully justified in the light of world history since Both of these myths strive to misrepresent the truth, and for oiebman reason — though not only for this reason — constitute obstacles to raising the class-consciousness of the international proletariat and to the struggle for socialism.


John rated it really liked it Mar 14, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Or as one party militant said liebmn reference to the woman’s demonstration which kicked off the February Revolution: I’d lsnin it to anyone and will most likely read it again in the future. Stalinism is said to be Leninism perverted by nationalism, Leninism plus administrative tyranny and bureaucratic terror, Leninism minus dialectics. Either there will be a revolutionary victory of the proletariat leading to a development leninixm the direction of socialism, with the help of the international revolution, or there will be a victory of the counter-revolution, resulting in continued under-development and backwardness, with denial of agrarian revolution, and an industrial veneer the thickness of which will depend on the correlation of national and international forces.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Narrates the terrain of Leninist politics in a refreshingly lrnin fashion. More often than not, he offers no lieb,an at all. A winner of the Isaac Deutscher Prize Liebmann highlights democratic dimensions in Lenin’s thinking as it developed over 25 years. The modern proletariat is homogeneous neither in its origins nor in its functions, nor in its remuneration standard of livingnor in the degree to which it is permeated by bourgeois ideology.

It follows from this that the activity of the proletariat, and especially its political activity, will also be cyclical in character. Fragmented action can engender only fragmented consciousness.