Learn more about the Bali starling – with amazing Bali starling videos, photos and facts on Arkive. Bali Myna 25 cm; g (captive). Fairly large, white starling with forehead feathers bristly, feathers on crown and nape hackled and greatly. Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi. Check out the full taxonomy and distribution of Bali Myna on HBW Alive. HBW Alive contains information on Descriptive notes.

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The birds nest in tree cavities, with the female laying and incubating two or three eggs. A conspicuous patch of bright cobalt-blue skin extends around each eye and tapers to a point 2 3 rothschidi.

Leucopsar rothschildi

As collateral every breeder should put up a cow in case all the birds died. In NovemberBegawan Foundation released four pairs of Bali starlings at its breeding site in Sibang. Monogamous; long-term pair-bond likely, as partners allopreen and perform other mutual displays The Bali starling tends to feed in the trees, but it may also collect food items from the ground, particularly during the chick-rearing period.

Luecopsar myna Acridotheres ginginianus.

Bali Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) :: xeno-canto

Duringa total of 23 Bali starlings were donated to BF’s breeding program. Begawan Foundation field staff have monitored the released birds on a daily basis since their release and have a dedicated Field Officer since The Bali starling can typically be found in dry, open lowland forests 4usually with a grassy understorey 2 3.


Authentication This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible.

rothscholdi Bibliography Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. Placed in the monotypic genus Leucopsarit appears to be most closely related to Sturnia and the brahminy starling which is currently placed in Sturnus but will probably soon be split therefrom as Sturnus as presently delimited is highly paraphyletic.

Bali Mynah

A community-based conservation program began in the village in lateproviding locals with the opportunity to breed Bali Starlings, and to be able to release offsprings within two years, and again in subsequent years. Birds from the most successful breeding and introduction to the wild programme on Nusa Penida, wild breeding birds recorded.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When breeding successfully, Bali mynahs may have clutches of eggs per year, each with eggs. Bali starling Leucopsar rothschildi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Free bird Recording not its ID has been discussed. Record taken near Menjangan resort. The Bali starling chicks are brooded by the female, but are fed by both adult birds, which continue performing this duty up to seven weeks after the young have left the nest 2.

leucipsar It is also envisaged that the community will be responsible for their safety in the wild through serious monitoring and village traditional law enforcement. Both parents incubate and rear the chicks. Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London.

Breeding Breeds during rainy season, Rothschilid. Inthere were only about six Bali starlings in the wild, although conservation efforts have since increased this number. Each bird has been ringed in order to identify it as it adapts to life in the wild.


Fairly large, white starling with forehead feathers bristly, feathers on crown and nape hackled and greatly elongated, forming erectile crest Three male birds and one female were released in April, with support from the local rothschlidi.

Captive birds, they had 4 pairs under armed guard, and several non-captives nearby, but given the astronomical prices these things fetch I can’t see them remaining too long bird-seen: Voice Song a wide variety of loud chattering notes, including whistles and piercing, high-pitched notes, Nape The back of rothschilid neck. Distribution Island of Bali Indonesia Habitat Forests and open woodlands Diet Fruit, insects, invertebrates and small reptiles Breeding Bali mynahs are cavity nesters, preferring to use nesting sites in hollow trees.

This project has helped to improve the protection of the park, and has increased the wild Bali starling population through the release of captive-bred birds 1 9contributing significantly to the leucospar viability of this species European starling Sturnus vulgaris.

Unfortunately, this programme was dogged with problems, including the theft of 39 captive individuals in the park that were awaiting release into the wild 1 9. Food and feeding Omnivorous.