Depending on where you are you might already be a big fan of Lex Arcana. It’s a hugely popular game. The Dark Eye is very popular in. With a dream team of authors and artists, Quality Games is going to republish Lex Arcana, one of the most loved Italian RPG ever!. A GenCon I got to demo Lex Arcana, an apparently popular game in Italy that is getting kickstarted for an English edition. The game had a dice.

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Looks like you’ve reached the end. In effetti ci avevo pensato. This is our first Kickstarter campaign, though we have been in the gaming industry for over 20 years.

Ldx addition to the rewards, you can also pick up some add-ons in print version. Lex Arcana Lex Arcana. Disegni lfx Francesco Corni. The Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana.

Unable to load more. This site uses cookies. The Heroes of Lex Arcana are the members of the Cohors Arcana and must investigate and eliminate the threats that roam inside and outside the Empire, bringing back to the scholars of Rome the knowledge of obscure magic. Lex Arcana is the most successful Italian roleplaying game ever.

Stay up to date on newsspecial offers and, above all, do not miss the start of the Kickstarter. The final appearance may be different, depending on the results of the Kickstarter campaign. Share this project Done. Your score in a Virtus or Peritia determines the number and type of dice you roll to make a check. But what about Lex Arcana itself?


Geek Native “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world! Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target. We are talking about the most famous Italian RPGreleased 25 years ago, and written by four of the most important Italian game designers of all times: Solo 3 giorni alla fine della campagna kickstarter! Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! All you need to decide is who will be the Demiurgeyour game master.

Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello.

Click here to read the full article. The second combatant in the group rolls their De Bello and then the De Bello of their ally and adds the two values together!

All that is left to do is to put together illustrations, adventures, content upgrades, and tips and tricks that might come to life with this campaign’s stretch goals. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Playing in alternate history.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I would suggest the production value arcanq length of this free PDF download exceeds that lxe some of the roleplaying game supplements you would expect to hand over ten or more dollars to secure.

A free introduction to Lex Arcana: A RPG set in a magical Roman Empire

Then, 25 years has gone. Then as now, this is the shortest route to adventure! Have you finished your purchases for the black Friday? Domande e commenti sono molto ben accetti! The Aegyptus sourcebook, awesome! As a child, he always loved drawing, his favourite subjects were bugs, starships and maps. Roman magic is used to gather information and not to arxana or destroy.


In particular, they Custodes of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, a special chapter devoted to investigating the supernatural. Aecana Arcana’s players Fan Community!

Lex Arcana – An Empire Without End RPG by Quality Games — Kickstarter

To succeed, you must beat the difficulty ratingnamed d ifficulty threshold. The system that has made this game famous now returns in a arcama consistent, elegant and simple version. More Information Edit History. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. Other powers are working, hidden behind the veil of tangibility: However, we can assure you that if the rph isn’t delivered on time, it will only be because we have dedicated more time to creating a arcwna quality, highly enjoyable product, with beautiful artwork.

Additionally, the Sortesspecial tablets part of the Custodes’ standard equipment, can change the result of an event. The game enjoyed a tremendous successin time becoming a beloved classic. To enjoy Les Arcana players are not required to have a degree in Roman history: For example, the whole new fatigue system pioneered by the revised Lex Arcana is absent here, but a sidebar callout is used to speak up when we need to know this.

There are a lot of stretch goals already reached with this Kickstarter. Art by Francesco Corni.