You will need a PDF reader (Adobe Reader) to view the manuals. This is a free, safe piece of software available to download. If you do not have this installed on. View and Download LG F user manual online. LG Cell Phone User Guide. F Cell Phone pdf manual download. Cell Phone LG F User Manual. Cell Phone LG F User Manual. (80 pages). Cell Phone LG F User Manual. Lg cell phone user guide (74 pages). Cell Phone LG F User Manual.

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LG F2250 User Manual

Displaying callers in a conference call To scroll through the numbers of the callers who make up a conference call on the handset screen, use the View the status whether the calls are barred or not. This allows you to view information. Technical Data General Product name: Pressing the menu key during a call, you can access the following.

Page 6 Orange World [Menu 6] Write Picture Message Exit: Email Messages Email [Menu ] This menu allows you to edit, delete or add and email account. Picture message templates Preview: How do I view the list of outgoing calls, incoming calls and missed calls?

Select the city belonged to the time usee by pressing LR key. Adds a slide before or after the current slide. Your Phone’s Features Your phone Your phone’s features 1. And remove the battery cover. Profiles Settings Profiles [Menu ] In Profiles, you can adjust and customise the phone tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. LG chargers are designed to maximize the battery life.


DTMF tones can be turned off the same.

Guides – Downloading a Manual

Enlish the receipt of an e-mail message. Reply via same service centre: Select allocated a name by speed dial, and choose Change or. Talk Now lets you speak with your contacts either in groups or as individuals. When englush message is sent, it allows the recipients to reply and.

You can take a picture on the various of backgrounds. Last call, All calls, Remaining and. Address Book You can save phone numbers and their corresponding names in the memory of your SIM card. You can view the number list saved as Fixed dial number. You can view all pictures except of frame and phone book ones. Select the standard value by using LR. Indicates the General profile is activated. If you set to Yesyou can check whether your message is sent.

You can delete a picture. You can check free space and memory usage of each repository.

Diverts voice calls which you do not answer. Read Read When you have received broadcast messages and select Read to view the message, it will be displayed on the screen.


You can attach files by pressing the right soft key [Attach].

LG F2400 User Manual

You can send your phone number to another party. For further details, contact your network provider. In Profiles, you can adjust and customise the phone tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. Topics To create new topics, press the left soft key [Option] then select Add new. If you select Cancel, you cannot recognize the waiting receiving.

LG F Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Jordan

Consequently, any person who does not have your PIN cannot use your phone without your approval. Please take the network bars as. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. This menu shows recently received numbers. You are asked to enter a name.

Adding new entries into SIM memory You can enter a name and number, and select the required uuser.

To access these functions during a call, press the left soft key [Options]. You can get a dial number from phonebook to make a second call.

If you want to reach this. Calculator Using this feature, you can use the phone as a calculator.