lg kf manual pdf – fratsenzondergrenzen – lg kf manual congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact kf phone by lg designed to. Im Looking for a Manuals Guides for the cell phone LG KF It here http://www. Hope this is useful. Jim.

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Speed dials Menu 8. Your KF has two screens, a InteractPad and a main screen. Page 2 Some of contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

Select View Options and choose With picture. Mobile phone with 3″ touch screen, 3 input methods, 3 mp camera, and intuitive user interface 82 pages. If you have a memory card inserted select Mass storage to use your phone in the same way as you would a USB stick. General, Silent, Vibrate only, Outdoor and Headset. If you choose Bluetooth, you will be prompted to turn Bluetooth on and your phone will search for a device to send the picture to.

Page 33 Resolution [ ]: Changing Your Security Settings Call barring – Choose to bar certain types of calls including Outgoing or Incoming or calls when you are abroad. The settings menu will automatically close, ready for you to take your picture. Retrieve interval Choose how often your KF checks for new email messages. Camera – Appropriately adjust distance to the object that you want take a picture of more than 50 cm.

You can view the received messages.

Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the phone. This is a great way of moving your files from your computer to your phone.


Don’t have an account? Touch then select Scroll to and select Images.

Call divert — Choose whether to divert your calls. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Don’t have an account? Changing your text message settings Your KF message settings are pre-defined so that you can send messages immediately.

LG KF Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Saudi Arabia

Memory card Installing a memory card Expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card. Browser You can access various WAP Wireless Application Protocol services such as banking, news, weather reports and flight information. Page 7 Sending the voice recording Call Waiting Call waiting Menu 9. Your phone will beep when you have received Info service message numbers. My playlist Contains any playlists you have created as well as On the go list, Recent songs, and Favourite songs.

Then return to the address book and select the contact you want to add a picture to. Power save If you set On, you can save the power when you don’t use the phone. Touch and select list below: Enter text from picture: Page 82 Memo memo.

Scroll down and choose whether you would like the alarm to Follow profile, Always sound or Always vibrate. You can create a new message or manuql one of the multimedia message templates already made. Use this key to go back to the previous screen. We had a similar problem that was solved by taking care if600 the coffee filter basket. Slide the memory card into the slot at the top, until it clicks into place.


Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer s instructions. Water doesn’t start to heat. LG KF user guide Do not expose the phone to of600 or moisture. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You can also save your files to a memory card. From here you access menu options, make a quick call and change your profile – as well as many other things.

LG KF Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.

Scroll down and enter a Subject for the event. W allpaper – Choose a wallpaper to appear on your screen display. Simply touch and select Sending a message The quick way to begin sending an SMS message is to touch and go straight to step 4 below.

Viewing your saved photos You can access your saved photos from within the camera mode and from the standby screen. You can make changes to: Accessories Accessories These accessories were fk600 with your KF The conversion will show automatically in the line below.

LG KF600 User Manual

Do not leave the battery in hot or cold places, this may deteriorate the battery performance. Fixed dial number – Set a fixed dial list which allows your KF to only make calls to certain numbers.

Memory card Installing a memory card Expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card.