Lightolier CCWHISPLC-X It’s expensive, but it’s probably the best switch of its kind out there. I can’t remember the other manufacturer/brand, but. These include X10 commands as well as INSTEON. I currently use them to operate ceiling fans controlled by Lightolier CCWHISPLC switches. Lightolier® Controls provides fan controls to suit the needs of any room decor. Rotary l i g h t o l i e r ® c o n t r o l s Fan. Controls CCWHISPLC. -W-I-AL.

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Compose and VR by dschoppe. Hi drmiphesto could you give us a link where you got this from.

Full Lightolier Compose Support by lshanepowers. I have one of these installed, and a second I will install this weekend if I can find some time. Why oh why didn’t I just leave things alone, they had been working. Started by RuppMarch 7th, I bought one of these fan controllers and have it up and running.

This script would need to know the last command. Got on the phone and got it straightened out. They are expensive but nice. Last Post by Rupp March 23rd, Last Post by Rick Tinker April 22nd, Cxwhisplc plug-in device actions under HS2 broken by dschoppe.



But this shouldn’t bee too difficult for you to figure out. Started by RichfdSeptember 1st, Search in titles only Search in Compose Lightolier only Search. Lightolier Multiset Control by Madcodger.

Last Post by shersh October 22nd, Started by RuppMarch 14th, Last Post by dschoppe June 10th, Another thought would be to create an event that triggers on a specific device code other than the one of the fan. Compose and X10 by bcard74 Started by bcard74, December 14th, Lightolier support by lpcalcaterra Started by lpcalcaterraDecember 13th, There is and example of this in the help file. Member Helpful Post Rating: Started by lshanepowersMay 6th, Compose plug-in device actions under HS2 broken by dschoppe Started by dschoppeDecember 12th, Have you found this to be true?

Custom device: CCWHISPLC Lightolier fan control – HomeSeer Message Board

You could trigger the fan by using a keypad for example. I don’t know why they took them off ligntolier site, at one point they had a special on them, maybe ligutolier are temporarily sold out? Is it worth the money? Started by keng, April 21st, Started by lpcalcaterraDecember 13th, Compose Plug-in Help by ccqhisplc. Lightolier Compose and Homeseer by perryje Started by perryje, December 25th, Started by Uncle MichaelOctober 28th, Login or Sign Up.


Last Post by lshanepowers May 6th, Compose Plug-in Issues by kdc. Last Post by lpcalcaterra January 19th, Just curious as to if anyone has used the ccwhisplc for fan control and had it transmit status? Last Post by Uncle Michael August 7th, I never had the time or patience to figure that out. Hello, Martin from Automated Outlet here.

Lightolier – Greg In The Desert

I did this script to add icons for the fan in the web viewer. Last Post by dschoppe November 21st, My guess is not many know what it is. X10 on Windows is like that. From the drop down list created by DeviceValuesAdd you can change the value not status of a virtual device, and then use ccwhksplc change to trigger an event that calls a script that then does something. Expensive yes, But certianly very high on my waf list. Last Post by rbrun April 26th, Sales sheets indicate it is hum less on fans.