BorneoPost Online | Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News Act will replace Sabah Limitation Ordinance in Labuan. October 17, , Wednesday at . Limitation Act in East and West Malaysia A Comparative Study by Jessy Wan Yuen Mun 72) and the Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak Cap. This Ordinance may be cited as the City of Kuching North .. (a) one half or more of the lot lies within the limits of the City of. Kuching North, the.

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To recover possession xarawak immovable Twelve Years The date of the purchase property conveyed or bequeathed in trust, or mortgaged or charged, and afterwards purchased from the trustee, mortgagee or charge for a valuable consideration 8 For compensation for diverting a water Three Years The date of the diversion course All fields are required.

Against a mortgagee or charge, to redeem Sixty Years When the right to redeem or to or to recover possession of immovable recover possession accrues property mortgaged or charged END 9 Limitxtion by: For arrears of rent Six Years When the arrears become due 7 For compensation for obstructing a way or Three Years The date of the obstruction a water course For an account and a share of the profits Three Years The date of the dissolution of a dissolved partnership By the assured to recover the premia paid Three Years When sarawwak insurers elect to avoid the under a policy voidable at the election of policy the insurers For compensation for breach of a promise Three Years When the time specified arrives or to do anything at a specified time, or upon the contingency happens the happening of a specified contingency Oedinance money payable to the plaintiff for Three Years When the accounts are stated in money found to be due from the writing signed by the defendant or defendant to the plaintiff on accounts his agent duly authorised in this stated between them behalf, save where the debt is, by a simultaneous agreement in writing signed as aforesaid, made payable at a future time, and then when that time arrives For specific movable property lost, or Three Years When the person having the right to acquired by theft or dishonest the possession of the property first misappropriation or conversion, or for learns in whose possession it is compensation for wrongfully taking or detaining the same To declare the forgery of an instrument Three Years When the issue or registration issued or registered becomes known to the plaintiff By a principal against his agent for Three Years When the account is, during the Compiled by: For the price of goods sold and delivered Three Years When the period of credit expires to be paid for after the expiry of a fixed period of credit Upon any other contract to indemnify Three Years When the plaintiff is actually damnified To cancel or set aside an instrument not Three Years When the facts entitling the plaintiff otherwise provided for to have the instrument cancelled or set aside become known to him Like suit when xarawak lender has given a Three Years When the cheque is paid cheque for the money On a single bond, where no such day is Three Years The date of executing the bond specified Limitation Ordinance Sarawak Cap.


Like suit by a purchaser at a sale in Twelve Years When the judgment-debtor is first execution of a decree, when the judgment- entitled to possession debtor was out of possession saraawak the date of the sale For compensation for libel One year When the libel is published 1 For compensation for a malicious One year When the plaintiff is acquitted, or prosecution the prosecution is otherwise terminated For compensation for an illegal, irregular One year The date of the distress or excessive distress Against a carrier for compensation for Two Years When the goods ought to have been delay in delivering goods delivered For money payable for money lent Three Years When the loan is made To recover movable property conveyed or Twelve Years The date of the purchase bequeathed in trust, deposited or pawned and afterwards bought from orcinance trustee, depositee or pawnee for sarwak valuable consideration On a bond subject to a condition Three Years When the condition is broken On a bill of exchange or promissory note Three Years The date of the bill or note payable on demand, and not accompanied by any writing restraining or postponing the right sarrawak sue For compensation for injury to the person Three Years When the injury is committed including, where death ordinanve from such injury, compensation to the family of the deceased For the price of trees or growing crops Three Years The date of the sale sold by the plaintiff to the defendant, where no fixed period of credit is agreed upon Compiled by: For compensation for the breach of a Six Years When the period of limitation contract in limiitation would begin to run against a suit brought on a similar contract not in writing For money lent under an agreement that it Three Years When the loan is made shall be payable on demand Asrawak Government to set aside any One year When the attachment, lease or attachment, lease or transfer of immovable transfer is made property, by the Revenue authorities for arrears of Government revenue 7.

On a bill of exchange or promissory note Three Years When the fixed time expires payable at a fixed time after sight or after demand Against a carrier for compensation for Two Years When the loss or injury occurs losing or injuring goods For property which the plaintiff has Three Years When the plaintiff is restored to conveyed while insane sanity and has knowledge of the conveyance By a lessor for the value of trees cut down Three Years Srawak the trees are cut down by his lessee contrary to the terms of the lease For the profits of immovable property Three Years When the profits are received, or belonging to the plaintiff which have been where the plaintiff has been wrongfully received by the defendant dispossessed by a decree afterwards set aside on appeal, when he recovers possession Against a factor for an account Three Years When the account is, during the continuance of limtiation agency, 5 demanded and refused, or, where no such demand is made, when the agency terminates Suit on a bill of exchange, promissory note Three Years When the bill, note or bond or bond not herein limitahion provided for becomes payable By a remainder-man, a sxrawak, other Twelve Years When his estate falls into possession than a landlord, or a devisee, for possession of immovable property For money payable for interest upon Three Years When the llmitation becomes due money due from the defendant to the plaintiff Ordinwnce Center Find new research papers in: By a surety against a co-surety Three Years When the surety pays anything in excess of his own share For the price of lodging One year When the price becomes payable 5.


Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. For a legacy or for a share of a residue Twelve Years When the legacy or share becomes bequeathed by a testator, or for a payable or deliverable distributive share of the property of an intestate On a dishonoured foreign bill where Three Years When the notice is given protest has been made and notice given Other suits by principals against agents for Three Years When the neglect or misconduct neglect or misconduct becomes known to the plaintiff Click here to sign up.

To establish a periodically recurring right Twelve Years When the plaintiff is first refused the enjoyment of the right By a ward who has attained majority, to set Three Years When the ward attains majority aside a sale by his guardian For warawak of immovable property or Twelve Years When the possession of the any interest therein not hereby otherwise defendant becomes adverse to the specially provided ogdinance plaintiff Part VI — Thirty Years Remember me on this computer.

On a bill of exchange payable at sight, or Three Years When the bill is presented after sight, but not at a fixed time