Changed layout of National Data Sheet to TI format. to LMIT. P+. (1). The marketing status values are defined as follows: ACTIVE: Product. LMIT Datasheet, LMIT V Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Datasheet, buy LMIT LMIT/NOPB Texas Instruments | LMIT/NOPB-ND DigiKey Digi-Key Part Number, LMIT/NOPB-ND Datasheets, LM

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What’s the Big Deal if they are Counterfeit? If you wish to change your cookie settings, or learn more about cookies, click here.

Refurbished parts often fail prematurely as processes often exceed absolute maximum ratings and do not utilize ESD controls. The measured values detected by the calibration Calibration in a controlled environment measuring laboratory.

LMIT Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Which electronic components do Counterfeiters target? All sales are final after days, except in the case of non-conformance. You will immediately be sent instructions and will be added to our list. This means a third party inspector visits our facility every year to audit our operation. Simplified Schematic Required if regulator is located far from power supply filter. The components are removed, cleaned up, painted, and then remarked with date and lot codes that are consistent.

Ddatasheet you receive a response to a question after hours and reply to the response, please do not be offended if you do not hear back until the next business day.

If you are know your source datashret supply, and your supplier is reputable you are probably safe, as long as your supplier has the knowledge, experience, and tools to detect counterfeit electronic components if his supplier ships them to him. Register now Forgot password.


If you read the datasheet you will find that its crucial that this regulator has at least 33uF output capacitor of the right ESR. The answer for both topic is yes. More complex or proprietary parts are salvaged from heaps of eScrap and then sold as new.


Only pay to ship the first item – all other items datashete your PremierChoiceComponents shopping cart ship free! All regulators need input and output capacitors, some are more fussy than others low drop-out regulators are usually fussiest.

Your lm3940ti has been sent. After calibration is performed, you will receive an ISO certificate from Intertek, which is valid for 12 months. Simplified Schematic lmit datasheet pdf the end of the datasheet. Our competitors say their parts are authentic but can you really believe them?

I’m datashete learning about electronics and done a bit of reading, so I have a couple of basic questions. The reading and accuracy of the instruments may change over time.

Positive Feedback is an important part of doing business through eCommerce sites and we appreciate any positive feedback that our buyers provide. Counterfeit electronic parts are so difficult to detect that more than a million suspect counterfeit parts slipped past highly trained military inspectors and made their datasheft into the defense supply chain.

Shipping rates are determined by a computer which may not know the size or weight of the item. Almost every component you can think of. Locate as close as possible to the regulator.

OK, I understand – continue. We make it happen Read more about how Distrelec help drive business. Shipping discounts are automatically applied when you order multiple lots or multiple items from PremierChoiceComponents. We will respond during regular business hours. Please visit our website to find instruments which can be calibrated.


Sellers can change their name and emerge as a new company overnight, without losing previous positive feedback. Counterfeit parts have been known om3940it overheat, explode, and start fires when power is applied. Especially if the value, tolerance, or temperature coefficient matters. As the product is customised to your requirements, we cannot accept returns should you decide you no longer want the instrument.

More about lead time. May be increased without bound to maintain regulation during transients. Is it OK to use capacitors with a higher capacity e.

We are reasonable and fair. We may contact you regarding your error report for clarification. What about ICs that require sophisticated fabrication equipment and proprietary processes? COUT must be at least 22 F to maintain stability.

(PDF) LM3940IT-3.3 Datasheet download

An error occurred the shopping list s could not be be loaded. How to Avoid Counterfeit Parts. I typically use 10uF on inputs and 1uF on outputs. Let us do the work while you sit back, relax, and deposit the checks that arrive in the mail.

Do companies really MAKE fake parts? National Semiconductor Corporation Part Number: Country of origin United States US. All you need to do is add items to your shopping cart and the discounts will automatically be calculated. OK so for the output the 16v47uF is probably a good fit. We do NOT sell inventory that comes from China, except of course components actually manufactured or packaged in China with traceability to an authentic source of supply.