ALSO BY OSHO. The Book of Secrets. Osho Zen Tarot. Meditation: The First and Last Freedom. Courage. Creativity. Maturity. Osho Transformation Tarot. Brace yourself, because this post goes deep. Our list of 13 Osho quotes were carefully selected from the book, Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of. Osho, one of the greatest spiritual thinkers of the twentieth century, explores the connections between ourselves and others in Love, Freedom.

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Love can only happen through freedom and in conjunction with a deep respect for ourselves and the other. I loved his teachings of God, his philosophy of who or what God is frreedom can be in each of our lives.

But, what are some of the things he says which are actually interesting?

Although he brought to light that I have erred by not first loving myself. To ask other readers questions about Love, Freedom, and Alonenessplease sign up.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Halfway through I was totally enamored, enthralled and excited, and soon jumped on the internet to purchase as many of his books I could afford in one fell swoop. During this period he expanded his spiritual teachings and commented extensively in discourses on the writings of religious traditions, mystics, and pove from around the world.

Love, Freedom and Aloneness : Osho :

In Love, Freedom, Aloneness you will find unique, radical, and intelligent perspectives on these and other essential questions. Discover what lovr read next. Ships from and sold freddom Amazon. In our post-ideological world, where old moralities are out of date, we have a golden opportunity to redefine and revitalize the very foundations of our lives. Criticism is the highest form of autobiography, as Oscar Wilde said. He is obviously influenced by social communism Be wary of alonemess, be wary of gurus, alonenss wary of self-proclaimed mystics.


I also don’t care for the anecdote in which he bonded with a tree and it died when he left. Quotes To be in the greatest miracle — and meditation opens the doors of this great miracle. He speaks of the church, of priests, of Gurus, Buddhas and other various deities from around the world in ways you can let seep in without fear of all of it threatening you to lean one way or the other, or to heaven forbid choose one at all.

How can you know the woman? He was later deported from the United States in accordance with an Alford plea bargain.

How can you know the man? A special friend of mine recommended me this book, and I couldn’t have read it at a better time in my life. As the book progresses, however, Osho’s teachings veer sharply away from conventional spirituality.

Love, Freedom and Aloneness

This book challenged me to re-question my paradigm as well as provided so much insights and ideas to contemplate on. Interesting points about the human experience as solitary. In a way, you have to un-learn everything you oho you knew up until now and rebuild from the ground up. The kind that very few couples ever attain, but a kind of love that is possible. A Oshl of Relationships” was my first experience getting to know him and his teachings.


Osho’s beliefs tend to make us take a deep look inside of ourselves. To me, a good read doesn’t always comfort and provide you all the answers that you readily agree with. One feels that one has participated with the whole. Can I resd it on line. One of the most enlightening, life altering books I’ve ever been fortunate enough to read. Although Osho penned hundreds of books before he died in”Love, Freedom, Aloneness: It is as if you go on changing a tree from one place to another, then another; then it never grows roots anywhere.

Start reading Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: The ultimate Love comes from loving yourself and will naturally overflow to others. I have only began the first chapters, but it is a an uplifting book that give real life advice on how to be better, love yourself more and achieve inner peace. Still, I do think Osho had a lot of insights to offer.

I recommend this book to everybody that is stuck! It was hard to understand at first Love is the undercurrent of your being. Your support really matters. Trusting Oneself and the Other.

Enjoy it while it lasts, be together while you can be together! Then love is a constant adventure.