Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija has 9 ratings and 1 review: Published by UAB Judex, 47 pages, Paperback. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS. K O N S T I T U C I J A. Knygą galite atsisiųsti arba atsiversti kitame lange sekančiais. LITHUANIA LR Konstitucija (Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, 6 November ) LR Civilinio kodekso patvirtinimo įsigaliojimo ir įgyvendinimo.

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If no more kontsitucija two candidates take part in the first round, and neither of them receives the requisite number of votes, a repeat election shall be held. No one must be hindered from seeking, receiving, or imparting information and ideas. The length of working time shall be established by law. No one may compel another person or be compelled to choose or profess any religion or belief. A referendum shall also be called if not less thancitizens with the electoral right so request.

The right to stand for election shall be established by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and by the election laws.

Lietuvos Respublikos Konstitucija

The oath shall be established by law. The right of legislative initiative at the Seimas shall belong to the Members of the Seimas, the President of the Republic, and the Government.

While temporarily substituting for the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Seimas may neither call an early election to the Seimas nor appoint or release Ministers without the consent of the Seimas. This shall be performed according ionstitucija the procedure for impeachment proceedings, which shall be established by the Statute of the Seimas. The human person shall be inviolable.

The State shall take care of the protection of the natural environment, wildlife and plants, individual objects of lrr, and areas of particular value, and shall supervise the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as their restoration and increase. Ignorance of the law shall exempt no one from liability. Culture, science and research, and teaching shall be free. Citizens who are declared by a court to be legally incapacitated shall not participate in elections.

Konsstitucija rights may not be restricted; no one may be granted any privileges on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, belief, convictions, or views.

The procedure for the appointment and release of rl, as well as their status, shall be established by rl. To develop mutually advantageous relations with each state that was formerly a component of the USSR, but never join, in any form, any new political, military, economic, or other unions or commonwealths of states formed on the basis of the former USSR.


The Constitutional Court shall have the right to refuse to accept a case for consideration or to prepare a conclusion if the application is based on non-legal reasoning.

The Prime Minister, within 15 days of his appointment, shall form and present to the Seimas the Government, approved by the President of the Republic, and shall submit the programme of the formed Government for consideration by the Seimas. The teaching proclaimed by churches and religious organisations, other religious activities, and houses of prayer may not be used for purposes that are in conflict with the Constitution and laws.

Laws, as well as other legal acts or parts thereof, that were in force on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania prior to the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania shall be effective inasmuch as they are not in conflict with the Constitution and this Law, and shall remain in force until they are either declared null and void or brought in line with the provisions of the Constitution. They may not hold any elective or appointive office in the civil State Service, or participate in the activities of political parties or organisations.


The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania. Municipal councils shall have the right, within the limits and according to the procedure provided for by law, to establish local levies; municipal councils may provide for tax and levy concessions at the expense of their own budgets. Before entering office, the justices of the Constitutional Court shall take an oath at the Seimas to be faithful to the Republic of Lithuania and the Constitution.

The Seimas shall impose martial law, announce mobilisation or demobilisation, or adopt the decision to use the armed forces when the need arises to defend the Homeland or to fulfil the international obligations of the State of Lithuania. The Seimas shall appoint three candidates for justices of the Constitutional Court from the candidates submitted by the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Seimas, and the President of the Supreme Court, and shall appoint them as justices.

The status of churches and other religious organisations in the State shall be established by agreement or by law. In cases established by law, the Seimas shall call a referendum. The Prosecutor General shall be appointed and released by the President of the Republic upon the assent of the Seimas.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ethnic communities of citizens shall independently manage the affairs of their ethnic culture, education, charity, and mutual assistance. When necessary, the Seimas may approve an additional budget. The law and courts shall protect everyone from arbitrary or unlawful interference with his private and family life, as well as from encroachment upon his honour and dignity.


Justina rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Everyone who is Lithuanian may settle in Lithuania. The procedure for calling and conducting referendums shall be established by law. The oath may also be taken by omitting the last sentence. A person suspected of committing a crime, as well as the accused, shall be guaranteed, from the moment of his apprehension or first interrogation, the right to defence, as well as the right to an advocate. Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania shall be acquired by birth or on other grounds established by law.

The President of the Republic shall represent the State of Lithuania and shall perform everything with which he is charged by the Constitution and laws.

An elected Member of the Seimas shall acquire all the rights of a representative of the Nation only after taking an oath at the Seimas to be faithful to the Republic of Lithuania. The Government shall consider the proposals to adopt the acts of European Union law following the procedure established by legal acts.

Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija

Citizens may not be prohibited from returning to Lithuania. The colours kkonstitucija the flag of the State shall be yellow, green, and red. The citizens of the Republic of Lithuania with an impeccable reputation, higher education in law, and not less than a year length of service in the field of law or in a branch of science and education as a lawyer may be appointed as justices of the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court shall consist of 9 justices, each appointed for a single nine-year term of office. Amendments to the Constitution concerning other chapters of the Constitution must be considered and voted at the Seimas twice. While in office, the Members of the Seimas shall follow the Constitution of the Konsttitucija of Lithuania, the interests of the State, as well as their own consciences, and may not be restricted by any mandates.

The voting procedure konstituxija be established by law. The procedure for the possession, use, and disposal of state-owned property shall be established by law.

The same person may not be elected the President of the Republic for more than two consecutive terms.