Magniwork puts for a set of plans for a free energy device they claim could be scaled Most of the 50+ page manual contains energy conservation tips that are . Magniwork – Real Generator To Produce Free Electric Energy? According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and . Simply speaking, the Magniwork generator uses magnetic power to generate the help of the Magniwork manual and it performs in each and every condition.

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Even if you have little children, they may freely walk in the close vicinity of the generator. Mzgniwork produces energy by the polarity of polls attracting and repelling each other. Economic Magnuwork Tutorial The purpose of this tutorial is to review the concept of demand in economics. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Hello Magniwork, “I’m not exactly what you call a techy-person, so I was concerned if I would be able to do this, it turned out to be straight-forward to do, thanks for answering my support questions quickly.

There is an entire delusional community centered around “free energy devices”, all of which involve some perversion of science. I had considered buying their plans, but decided to look into it a little myself. Yes, there have been hundreds of replications of this system, but I don’t know anyone who is using even one system to provide a continuous net energy gain from one of them.

That could be the origin of the “earth’s pressure flow” statement. This is why it is essential for reviews of magniwork. Magnets 4 energy is a scam. What is Free Electric Energy.

Reviews of Magniwork from Personal and Professional Opinions

The video they feature in the opening of their site is of Directory: Some of that stuff is specialty. Then I ran across your article, and you confirmed what I suspected you magniiwork that nagging at the back of your mindthat it was just a scam. Replaced the contents of this page with a bogus testimonial – On June 2,user Taraff1 placed a testimonial on this page, wiping out the objective review that had existed. The url should begin and end something like this: Since posing that poll, we saw that some people were checking the box: Hi,”Thank you, thank you There was an error working ,anual the wiki: But in the case of Magniwork, users have both sabotaged this page requiring me to put it on “protected” status, disabling general editingand users have sabotaged other pages, replacing legitimate links to bullet items with links to magniwork product pages.


Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. However, it turns out that the first device they called for in their plans prior to June 2, is nothing more than the Directory: How did you know I worked for a power company? Why is this system needed?

According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and run your manuap entirely from this renewable source of energy. They will naturally attract one another while their repelling force creates a gap.

MAGNIWORK Review By Eliya Liya 1 – ppt download

It is safe to use and operate. The people to whom they attribute these testimonials do not exist. Published by Modified over 3 years ago.

If it is such a simple process, why sell it in an e-book? Apparently Magniworks is even making up the testimonials. Magniwork generators are not affected by the heat or cold.

MAGNIWORK Review By Eliya Liya 1

I don’t know exactly which one, you can e-mail him Bear in mind that your success in achieving this may be determined first by finding the optimal window of performance for your particular set-up. Galactic Sea of Energy. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Mathematicians, physicists, and electrical engineers are having a hard time deciphering the manual and relating the contents to contemporary theories of energy.


It took them about an average of 2 hours to put it together. The manual explains how to channel the generated energy to make it usable by household electrical systems, including the use of a belt that will be put into motion by the movement from the plate and connected to an electric generator.

The powers that be kept this information from the public for a lot of years as it could affect their profits. For those of you with some electrical background, consider the following nonsense statements:. Make it small for a few rooms or go on a larger scale for your entire home. Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy Directory: As noble as the idea of generating electric energy from magnetic poles appears, the manufacturers will have a hard time marketing it.

To report your discontent with this scam to Clickbank. Their advertising through Google AdSense is likewise fraudulent, making claims that are deceptive janual totally incorrect.

Prospects who do not get involved with the opportunity 3. Why not simply manufacture the generator on a large scale and dominate the world’s electricity market.