Including a financing scheme in the Manado Oceans Declaration is a sticking point at this week’s World Oceans Conference in Indonesia. On Thursday, following closed negotiations held throughout the week, delegates adopted the Manado Ocean Declaration by acclamation. Manado Ocean Declaration. Adopted on 14 MAY , in Manado. Project Fostering a Global Dialogue on Oceans, Coasts, and SIDS.

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There is not much of an industry based on whale sharks due to low fin oocean, said Stacey, emphasizing that most catches have been accidental. Several of manaeo presenters warned of the dire status of corals worldwide, and in Indonesia in particular, noting that coral can only grow within a narrow thermal, optical and pH decoaration.

Participants assessed the status of oceans and coasts and progress achieved over the last decade, identified continuing and new challenges, examined options for concerted action on cross-sectoral issues and laid the groundwork for the inclusion of an oceans perspective and small island developing states SIDS issues in the WSSD agenda. He noted that donor support should be based on the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, emphasizing that ownership of Action Plans rests with individual member states.

Manado Ocean Declaration

Malaysia pledged its full cooperation for implementing the proposed CTI Road Map, emphasizing an interest in capacity building and developing inter-coastal and ecosystem-based management plans. He stressed the importance of understanding such processes, noting that Namibia is a coastal state with large developed wetlands. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOSwhich opened for signature on 10 Decemberin Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, constitutes the main legal framework for the regulation of human activities at sea, setting forth the rights and obligations of states regarding the use of the oceans, their resources, and the protection of the marine and coastal environments.

It will be organized around the theme: The Kyoto Protocol entered into force on 16 February He noted the UN system initiatives on: Coral Triangle Initiative Summit He also noted other benefits of mangrove planting not directly associated with climate change, such as an adaptation measure for tsunamis.


Biliana Cicin-Sain, Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands, reflected on the convergence of governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations, and science and industry sectors to deal with the urgent economic and environmental ramifications associated with oceans and climate change.

Financing from developed countries to assist developing countries in: He summarized the high vulnerability to climate change of countries within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN and detailed the resulting human, ecological and financial costs experienced by the Philippines.

Summary of WOC – May – Manado – Indonesia

Speakers highlighted that corals are also vulnerable to: She noted the rapid increase in anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions in previous years, resulting in impacts such as: On further declaratioon, she noted the need for: She also underscored the need to integrate adaptation measures with poverty eradication. Moses Murihungirire, Ministry of Fisheries and Resources Management, Namibia, discussed the dynamics of biotic and abiotic components of the northern Benguela Current system.

A fourth speaker showed a video featuring the rapid, six month recovery period of coral following a volcanic eruption that had obliterated the reef.

Witoelar also suggested numerous clean development mechanism activities that could be considered by UNFCCC, including: He recommended that participants should: Pedro Fernandez, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, presented on the impact of tourism on coastal Viet Nam, noting that a sharp rise in the numbers of visitors has resulted in rapid and poorly planned development of resorts and environmental degradation.

Marine resources conservation — Congresses. Van Duc Nguyen, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam, described changes in weather patterns and associated impacts on coastal zones and oceans, including: Lynne Hale, TNC, called for an approach to ecosystem-based adaptation that enhances resilience of natural systems while using them as a cost-effective infrastructure against climate change impacts.

He said the oceans represent the most important natural carbon sink, noting that destabilized marine environments can exacerbate global warming.

Climatic changes — Congresses. This was followed by thematic sessions on: Michael Koehler, European Commission, highlighted the importance of creating economic incentives oceqn developed and developing countries to keep temperatures from increasing by more than two degrees Celsius.

They noted that bleaching is a symptom of environmental stress and is affecting increasing numbers of coral reefs. Moderator Kusumaatmadja introduced the panel, noting the need for the scientific community to inform policy makers on how to address climate change issues in declqration context of coastal communities.


BookOnline – Google Books. She recognized manaado information systems and risk assessment frameworks as useful risk assessment tools to inform policy.

The gathering was intended to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in action and to raise local support for planting mangroves and protecting the coasts. Can I view this online?

He said that East Timor plans to declare additional MPAs and take action on the devastation of fish stocks caused by IUU fishing using two patrol boats to be operational within the next few years.

In response ocan a question on the positive effect of MPAs on whale sharks in Indonesia, Stacey acknowledged that there are some benefits, but that this only provides protection of parts of their migratory trajectory.

Manado Ocean Declaration — Caribbean Environment Programme

She presented the case of Bunaken Island National Park, Indonesia, and the impacts that tourism has had, including disturbance of the coral reef and harassment of fauna, and natural threats such as kanado recent outbreaks of the coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish.

The final presentation weighed different options available for reef rehabilitation.

Global Ocean Policy Day was officially opened when Minister Numberi rang a mnaado gong, which was met with applause from the assembled delegates. Capacity building and technology exchangeespecially for adaptation and mitigation measures in developing countries and SIDS. Numberi highlighted the potential for the Coral Triangle Initiative CTI to build stronger political will among countries within this region.

Manado Ocean Declaration Adopted at World Ocean Conference – Ocean States Eye Copenhagen

British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull, representing his country at the conference, said the fact both developing and developed nations could declafation to an agreement showed the world had now recognized the importance of oceans and the need to include the issue at the UN climate talks.

He highlighted current limitations, including lack of infrastructure and skilled human resources, and accessibility of remote islands. Declaartion described the Coral Triangle region as a hot spot of marine life, which requires protection.