Veja grátis o arquivo Beatriz Preciado Manifiesto contra sexual () enviado para a disciplina de Gênero e Sexualidade Categoria: Trabalhos – The rebellion of bodies, a somatic revolution, is the central concern of Beatriz Preciado’s Manifiesto contrasexual (without an english. Beatriz Preciado is a philosopher and activist. She has published Manifiesto Contra-Sexual (Balland, ), Testo Yonqui (Espasa Calpe, ), Terror Anal .

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The dildo precedes the penis. Countersexuality has as an aim to identify the false spaces, the fissures in the structure of pdeciado text intersex bodies, hermaphrodites, the mad, woman truck drivers, fags, dykes, hysterics, outers or the frigid, hermaphrodykes …and reinforce the power of deviations and shifts in relation to the heterocentered system.

Beatriz Preciado is a philosopher and activist.

The rebellion of bodies: Beatriz Preciado | Autonomies

Paradoxically, this collapse of the disciplinary institutions forebode a strange process of privatisation and transformation of the clinic into a pharmacopornographic industry. Smashing habits in insurrection Paris is burning: Known originally as a maniiesto writer and identified as a lesbian, [7] Preciado announced in that he was transitioning [6] and, in Januarychanged his first name to Paul. According to Preciado, all sexual bodies become “intelligible” according to a common “pharmacopornographic technology”.

The gilets jaunes The uncertain tides of insurrection: It is the origin of the penis. Maps for the tour in the museum Preview.


In this temporality, the sexual technologies present themselves as fixed. The yellow vest protests of france.

Paul B. Preciado – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

The heterosexual system is a social apparatus for the production of femininity and masculinity that operates through the division and fragmentation of the body … The sexual roles and practices, that are naturally manifiseto to the masculine and feminine genders, are an arbitrary conjunction of regulations inscribed in bodies that assure the material exploitation of one sex by another.

In fact, inDerrida, one of Preciado’s professors, invited Preciado to teach a seminar in Paris on forgiveness and the gift during transformation.

The architecture is political. Countersexuality bdatriz not the creation of a new nature, but rather the end of Nature as an order which legitimates the subjection of some bodies to others. Preciado prefaces the book, stating “This book is not a memoir” but “a body-essay”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

contrasesual What would the model of somatopolitical administration be in the case of contemporary neoliberal societies? The figure of the indebted body, as Maurizio Lazzarato has written, emerges from the neoliberal condition.

It is it which organizes preciwdo qualifies the practices: List of selected artworks. It escapes the false metaphysical dichotomies between body and soul, form and matter. There is also however a temporality of the event contrasexjal which each fact escapes linear causality. We have all been injured, profoundly. Sex, as organ and practice, is neither a precise biological place, nor a natural impulse.


For an excellent interview with Beatriz Preciado, see Periodico Diagonal …. In The Birth of the ClinicMichel Foucault suggested that for each model of power there was a healthy body and a diseased body, a specific way of organising sexuality and reproduction, a spatialization of differences in the city and a utopian ideal of national immunity.

The contraswxual of travel An experiment in cartography: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. From this point on he has considered himself transgender as well as a feminist. Sexual organs as such do not exist. It generates benefits that cannot be measured in a heterocentered economy.

Our physicality was never purely physical; our nature was always as much natural, as it was artificial.

The workers of the anus [e. The heterosexual system is a social apparatus for the production of femininity and masculinity that operates through the division and fragmentation of the body ….

Beatriz Preciado

We place our bodies and pleasures above the manififsto of the market. Heterosexual normativity governs bodies mapping appropriate locations of sexual stimulation, matched with the correct organssex identification, gender and sexuality; a government essential to the production and reproduction of modern capitalist forms of human control. Proudly powered by WordPress.